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The Latin root word spir means “breathe.” This root is the word beginning of a fair variety of English vocabulary words, consisting of inspire, respiration, and expire. The root spir is easily recalled using the word perspiration, that is, sweat in the act of “breathing” via the pores of your skin.

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in-in, into
eoffered for spelling and also pronunciation

When you have been inspired to perform something, the principle has been “breathed into” your mind.


a-to, towards
eused for spelling and pronunciation

When you aspire to somepoint, favor greatness, you “breathe towards” it. You can additionally think of every focused “breath” you take as going “towards” your goal, or aspiration.

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Breathe Easy via “Spir”

The Latin root word spir implies “breathe.” This podcast will provide you the inspiration you have to “breathe” understanding right into the reading of words via the root spir in them!

Did you know that the bloentirety of a whale is called its spiracle, the aperture through which the whale “breathes?” The spiracle aids in the respiration of the whale, that is, its “breathing” in and also out and ago aget. Of course, when a whale expires, hopecompletely due to a ripe old age, it has actually “breathed” out its last “breath.”

When you have an inspiration, an concept is “breathed” into your mind. Say that the idea might make you rich; it will certainly neverthemuch less even more than most likely call for a great deal of perspiration on your part, or that sweat “breathing” through the pores of your skin, to carry around that substantial wealth. If you work tough enough, the principle might come to be fact or transpire, that is, “breathe” across from not being done to emerging for real.

Your inspiration might require a conspiracy to carry it around, or a “breathing” together of a group of world while hatching a plot of some sort. Your team could indeed must conspire or “breathe” together if your aspiration, or “breathing” in the direction of a goal of some kind, was to have actually eextremely Twinkie in the civilization for yourselves! If you work-related tough as you aspire to or “breathe” towards that goal, you could very well reach it.

I hope that this podactors has actually spearheaded the way in the direction of a knowledge of spir, having provided you via the inspiration to accomplish words with spir in them head on!

spiracle: bloentirety via which a whale “breathes” respiration: “breathing” in and also out, again and again expire: to “breathe” out one’s last “breath” (n.b. an x=ks) inspiration: a “breathing” right into one’s mind of an excellent idea perspiration: the act of sweat “breathing” with the skin’s pores transpire: to “breathe” across into happening conspiracy: a group “breathing” together to hatch a plot of some sort conspire: to “breathe” together aspiration: the act of “breathing” in the direction of a particular goal aspire: to “breathe” towards a collection goal