In informal chat conversations online, I have seen rcfereform.org speakers write the abbreviation "xq." What does this stand for, and also why?



It fundamentally implies porque

x is widely recognized as the multiplication authorize. To say it one says por.

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x = Por

and also q is the abbreviation of que. Being simply a q there are no words I can think of that are monosyllables and also that start with q. So it is safe to assume it is que.

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q = que

xq = porque



In SMS/chat slang:

xq, xk, pq suggests "porque" or "por qué";x implies "por", because it looks favor × (multiplication sign);q or k indicates "que";xf means "por fa(vor)"qtl or ktl means "que tal";qtpsa or ktpsa suggests "que te pasa";= indicates "igual";+ implies "mas" or "más";- indicates "menos";s means "es";l suggests "el";d suggests "de";

and so on.


"ktl?""+ o -""xk? ktpsa?"


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