What does with a line under it mean

No symbol list I"ve come throughout mentions it. I observed it in the book Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Christopher M. Bishop.

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An instance of the symbol"s context have the right to be discovered on p19 of Bishop - Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning:

$qquadeginalign* p(x) &geqslant 0 \ int p(x), cfereform.orgrmdx &= 1endalign*$

The signs $geq$, $geqslant$ and >=, all intend the exact same thing: Greater than or equal to.

The exact same uses to its converse: $leq$, $leqslant$ and also , all mean: Less than or equal to.

Context for the last symbol:

$qquaddisplaystyle fleft(sum_i=1^M lambda_i x_i ight) leqslant sum_i=1^M lambda_i f(x_i)$

The distinctions deserve to be attributed to the character set available, and/or the particular font that is used. In this specific book, the writer mentions, on page viii, than they have provided $LaTeX$.

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