According to Poiboy guitarist C.C. DeVille, the phrase "Unskinny Bop" has actually no certain definition. DeVille created the music and also offered the phrase as a placeholder for the lyrics, which lead singer Bret Michaels would create. When their producer Bruce Fairbairn heard the phrase, he believed it was perfect for the song, also though he had actually no principle what it intended.

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Poison created in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1984 as Paris. They relocated to Los Angeles in an ambulance Michaels bought for $700 and begin playing in clubs tright here. When their guitarist quit, they determined DeVille over Slash and also Steve Silva, who likewise used. Slash ultimately joined Guns N" Roses and Silva remained in the The Joe Perry Project. Poichild obtained a document deal in 1986, disbanded in 1994 and also re-formed in 1999.

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GeneIt implies nothing. As has actually been provided many kind of times. It’s was area holder of phonetic reference. AnonymousI thought it was one more means to say “fat f--k”Dustin from NashvilleThe song is actually fairly coyly created however sensibly easy to understand:"The Skinny" is a slang term interpretation "confidential truth". If the title is even remotely pertained to that term, then "Unskinny" would certainly intend that he"s NOT getting "the skinny" or full truth of why she is so hyper-sex-related via him, the "bop" part. Which, if you analyze the lyrics thoroughly, that"s is precisely what is going on...She"s making use of passion and also sex to attempt to blind him (first verse) to the reality that she is not really interested in being with him exclusively (second verse) yet he is wise to what she"s doing (third verse) and also let"s her know that she isn"t the only one making use of the other. Hence, causing the statement: "Yeah whose ridin" who at the end of the race".Cathy from Omaha, NeRob, Bret Michaels is an equal possibility what? Manwhore? Pervert? I"ll speak to him what he is.Rob from Duluth, GaI heard on VH1"s behind the music that Bret was an "equal possibility ..." well can not say it here or it"ll obtain deleted, but you acquire the drift. Fat ones, skinny ones, it didn"t issue. So take that for what it"s worth.Marissa from Akron, OhI constantly figured Unskinny Bop was around a girl who wasn"t skinny... I never really check out the lyrics but hey, music is art, and also all art is open up to interpretation, am I right?Thomas from Copenhagen, DenmarkYeah, DeVille not being able to play the best song at the MTV-awards obtained him fired. Heavy metal/hard rock/glam rock passed away that night and also the sound from Seattle took over.Michelle from Maplewood, MnThis would certainly need to be my favorite poichild song ever i love any type of form of hair metal and also this and also some of my various other favorite songs rank #1 of my favorite hair steel songsTyler from Folsom, CaPoikid never "broke up" CC Deville was fired due to his alcohol and also cocaine difficulty after he couldnt play the appropriate song at an MTV awards present and also return to the band 7 years later. He was relocation by 3 different civilization over those seven years.Bill from Minneapolis, MnThis song is around C.C. through 2 porn stars in a room with Bret Michaels watching C.C. and the 2 chicks doing the unskinny bop. Bret created a song around it. Go watch the video for it.Mandie from Port Royal, Pathis song provides the real meaning to woman"s curves and also it doesnt have to make um fat cuz it drives the men wildJeri from Edmonton, CanadaThis is an remarkable song! It"s so nasty... favor most hair steel. I love itShadow from El Paso, TxThe information in the second block above is not precise. Poikid did not break up in 1994 and also recreate in 1999. To the contrary, Poichild taped an album in 1996 (2 years after the over says they damaged up) dubbed "Crack a Smile" although it was organized from release by Capitol Records till 2000. Two of the songs from Crack a Smile- "Lay Your Body Down" and also "Sexual Thing" were released on Poison?s Greatest Hits CD in 1996, which Capitol released instead of the new album.Amy from Dallas, Txgood song. thats itAnthony from Morgantown, WvAccording to the booklet in the album, C.C. Brought in a famous Porn Star. C.C. began making licks through her in the room and Bret began singing his lyrics to impress her. Both of them didnt impress her... yet it did come to be a major Poikid song!view more comments
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