What does unscorable mean on the sat

"When students took the SAT in June, many of them reported that the mathematics percent seemed uncommonly straightforward. They were correct.

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But on Wednesday, many type of discovered that an SAT that is much easier than expected deserve to rotate an intended 760 score into a 610 or worse. For climbing high institution seniors hoping for simply another 40 points or so to impress colleges (past the score they likely earned a few months ago), this was not what they were expecting." …

Yes, I noticed and it is SO unfair!, I additionally noticed that both of my twins had actually 4 U’s which means unscorable, however they understand just how to fill the bubbles in. I sent an email to College Board saying it looked suspect and also exactly how can my child acquire 10 even more correct than the March SAT and his score went down!! Parents have to put pressure on CB about these scores. Enough is enough. The curve was unbelievably harsh however CB wins because more students will authorize up for August. There are power in numbers, we have to put push on them. And tell every one of your friends to have their children take the ACT.

Interesting. I never thought about placing press on CB. What execute you think the outcome can be? Rescore all the tests?

After the test, my child shelp it was a basic exam. So I’m thinking that a lot of students need to have gained 100% correct, which threw the curve off.

Yes. My D acquired 13 additional questions correct compared to May in R/W and also only boosted her score by 10 pts.

She gained 9 even more correct on math, 6 wrong and also gained a 670.

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A complete of 22 extra correct concerns compared to May for an development of 50 points compowebsite.

She additionally had several 4 unscorable concerns. Hmmmm. Wonder if they were the exact same questions?

I guess we must be happy that her score improved.

What does the “unscorable” mean?

My DS also acquired -3 on Math (720). He has actually 2 omissions and also is exceptionally perplexed. He shelp the test was exceptionally simple and also tright here is no way he would have left any math question empty. The 2 ogoals are alongside each other and are expected to be in the student developed response section (30x). We are guessing he only composed dvery own the answer but forobtained to bubble? It is definitely a negative timing to forget bubble on a very easy test ( harsh curve).


I am not sure this is a College Board concern. Wouldn’t the curve be high because many kind of test takers did exceptionally well, lacking no, or incredibly few, questions?

brantly – My daughter acquired 6 wrong on analysis and 1 wrong on composing on the June 2 test, yet she got a 690. You are not the first perboy I’ve heard from today (including one of her friends) who has pointed out getting a higher scaled score yet acquired the very same number of inquiries wrong on a subsection. Is there any factor for this (e.g., different versions of the test)? My daughter has actually already sent an inquiry to the college board.

I missed 3 on the math and also got a 720, missed 7 on the reading/writing and gained a 710. On the April SAT I gained 10 wrong on reading/creating and got a 730. I’m kind of upcollection, particularly through the math score. This was my last time taking it, and also it didn’t go as well as planned. Only a 30 suggest advancement.

I gained the very same score for math

For reading/creating I acquired 7 wrong and also got a 710, on my April SAT I gained 10 wrong and obtained a 730??? My total score just improved bereason I missed 12 math on the April SAT. I was planning on close to 1500, or at it yet this totally messed that up.