What does the word galapagos mean

Origin of the Name Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands were found on March 10, 1535, once the Bishop of Panama, Friar Tomas de Berlanga, was blvery own off course while cruising to Peru. Cartographers Ortelius and Mercator had the islands on their world map of 1570. The islands were labelled Insulae de los Galopegos, Islands of the Turtles.

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Philologists believe the word galápago is obtained from the pre-Roman Spanish calappacea or calappaccu which are cognate through the English word, carapace. In Early Modern Spanish of the 16th Century, galápago signified turtle, tortoise or terrapin. Today, the Spanish word galápago is used especially to classify numerous species of terrapin.

Legfinish has it that 1sixth Century Spanish seafarers called the giant tortoises galápagos after their resemblance to a certain form of saddle. (Confusion likewise originates from the similarity to the Spanish word galopar, to gallop.) This apocryphal story ignores the fact that the Galapago Saddle is actually a form of English light saddle initially noted in the mid-1800s.


The Giant Tortoise – Namesake of the Galapagos Islands

Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species

In 1835, throughout his expedition on the HMS Beagle, young geologist and biologist Charles Darwin went to the Galapagos Islands. Fascinated by the fairly young age of the Galapagos Islands, Darwin’s monitorings of the similarities in between species, especially mockingbirds and also finches, most likely motivated his initial musings on development.

Influenced by Lyell’s theories on geological time and Malthus’s theories on population and also the struggle for survival, on the journey ago to England, Darwin started formulating a theory which wregarding revolutionize the world. His concept was that all species – consisting of people – were not “fixed” however had actually progressed over time. His work refuted the commonly-hosted belief that all life on earth had actually been created by a deity.

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Anticipating the reaction that his theory would receive from friends and colleagues within the scientific neighborhood, Darwin took excellent pains to ensure the accuracy of supporting proof for his work-related.

The catalyst which lastly prompted Darwin to publish an abstract of his job-related was a letter from scientist Alfred Rusmarket Wallace which outlined his own independently-arisen concept of organic selection. Darwin was encouraged by his frifinish Lyell, to publish his work instantly so that his work was not eclipsed by Wallace’s planned publication. Today, both Darwin and also Wallace are considered co-founders of the concept of development by natural selection.

In 1859, more than two decades after he had actually visited the Galapagos Islands, Darwin publimelted his masterwork: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. In succeeding editions, it was entitled The Origin of Species. Due to the fact that publication of the first edition, the book has actually never been out of print.

The idea that “guy had advanced from apes” and also not divine creation was a notion ill-received by the church and also quickly after the publication fierce disputes raged in between researchers and also Creationists. They proceed to today.