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nephrite, nephritic, nephritic syndrome, nephritis, nephritogenic, nephro-, nephroblastoma, nephrocalcinosis, nephrocapsectomy, nephrocardiac, nephrocele

Nephro- is a combining form used favor a presolve interpretation “kidney.” It is often offered in medical terms, particularly in anatomy and also pathology.

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Nephro- originates from the Greek nephrós, interpretation “kidney, kidneys.” The Latin word for kidney is rēnēs, yielding such English words as renal.

What are variants of nephro-?

When unified through words or word aspects that start with a vowel, nephro- becomes nephr-, as in nephralgia.

An example of a word you might have actually encountered that functions nephro- is nephrolith, “a renal calculus; kidney rock.” (Ouch.)

Nephro-, as we’ve seen, indicates “kidney,” and -lith is a combining develop interpretation “stone.” So, a nephrolith literally converts to “kidney rock.”

What are some words that usage the combining create nephro-?


What are some various other develops that nephro– may be generally confused with?

Be mindful that many kind of other words begin through neph- however aren’t making use of the full combining form nephro- to represent “kidneys,” such as nephew or nephanalysis.

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Find Out what nephanalysis has to do with mapping clouds at our entry for the word.

Break it down!

Put your knowledge of the interpretation of nephro- to the test! What is a nephrologist?

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British rcfereform.org meanings for nephro-


before a vowel nephr-

combining form
kidney or kidneysnephrotomy

Word Origin for nephro-

from Greek nephros

Medical interpretations for nephro-

Kidney; kidneychoose structure:nephrotomy.


fustianadjective | SEE DEFINITION
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