What Does The Name Kaliyah Mean

Hebrew Meaning :

The name Kaliyah is an Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew origin the interpretation of name Kaliyah is : Noble, honorable

Amerideserve to Meaning :

The name Kaliyah is an Amerihave the right to baby name. In Amerihave the right to beginning the meaning of name Kaliyah is : Noble, honorable

Hindu Meaning :

The name Kaliyah is an Hindu baby name. In Hindu origin the interpretation of name Kaliyah is : Slayer Of thousand headed dragon.

Human being With Number Four Are Stable, Rigid, Sure-footed, Determined To Reach Their Goals In A Straight Line. They Are Hard Working, Good Employees Especially In Planning, Organization And Administration.

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Name KALIYAH is combinations of ONE event of K , TWO occurrence of A , ONE occurrence of L , ONE incident of I , ONE event of Y , ONE incident of H has actually a many significance in Astrology.
A effective force of intuition is connected through K. It impacts a perkid through solid instincts and an capacity to work well with others.
Persons are confident, independent, and also pro-task. They influence world with both management and impetus.
Persons are a friendly presence to human being. They are affected by magnetic, optimistic, and also expressive energies.
Tolerance and compassion are presented by an I in a person's name. Its visibility makes them altruistic, artistic, and type.
Human being will go deep and also wide in search of suffer. Life is an adventure to them, and their curiosity leads the means.

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Persons are influenced by energies of invention and self-reliance. They have a should succeed and also are very encouraged to reach their objectives.
Name Meaning
Kalaiarasan King of Arts
Kalaiarasu King of Arts
Kalaimani Gem of Arts
Kalash A vessel filled via water for worship.
Kalia Beauty
Kaling A bird
Kaliq Creative, refers to a quality of God
Kaliranjan A devotee of Goddess Kali
Kallol big waves, gurgling of water
Kalu Young Ruler kechukwu Kalu is a Nigerian footsphere (soccer) striker that plays for AC Bellinzona.

Name Meaning
Aaleyah Exalted, highest social standing.
Aleyah Exalted, highest social standing.
Aliyyah Exalted, greatest social standing.
Aaliyah Exalted, sublime
Athaleyah Lioness of God
Adoniyah The Lord is my God
Azaryah God helps
Janiyah God is gracious
Mattatyah Gift of god
Bryah Hill, Strong, Honourable
Taniyah Beautiful, Joyful
Saariyah Clouds At Night
Narpendyah Queen
Lamiyah Lustrous
Insiyah Woman
Ghaniyah Pretty Girl, Beautiful Woman, Beauty

Name Profession Gender Origin
Angelina Jolie Activists, Film & Theater Personalities Female American
Anna Hazare Activists Male Indian
Betty Williams Activists Female Irish
Charles Perkins Activists Male Australian
Harvey Milk Activists, Leaders Male American
Ingrid Newkirk Activists Female Briton
Princess Madeleine Activists Female Swedish
Waleed Abulkhair Activists, Lawyers & Judges Male Saudi Arabian
Alfred P. Sloan Entrepreneur Male American
Donald Trump Entrepreneur Male American
George Stephen Entrepreneur Male Canadian
Jamie Oliver Entrepreneur Male Briton
Jay Gould Entrepreneur Male American
Kumar Mangalam Birla Entrepreneur Male Indian
Priscilla Presley Entrepreneur, Film & Theater Personalities Female American




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