What does Adilene mean?


▲ as a girls" name is an Old German name, and the definition of Adilene is "noble". Adilene is a variant form of Adeline (Old German): French contractivity of Adela.STARTS/ENDS WITH Ad-, -lene



VARIANTS Adelynn▲, Addilynn▲, Addilyn▲, Adalynn▲, Adalyn▲, Adaline▲, Adalene

OTHER FORMS VIA ADELINE Adalina, Adelina▲, Adelind, Adline, Aline

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) MIDDLE NAME PAIRINGSAdilene Zamira (A.Z.), ..

How renowned is Adilene?

Adilene is an abnormally developing first name for women. Adilene is additionally an uncommon surname for both adults and also kids. (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Adilene was first detailed in 1990 and also reached its optimal rank of #985 in the U.S. in the year 1994, and is presently at #1235. (TOP 2000 NAMES, 2018)



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Which variation is better?

Adeline (#78 FROM CURRENT RECORDS), Adalynn (#108), Adalyn (#144), Adaline (#234), Adelynn (#316), Addilyn (#359), Adelina (#543), Addilynn (#705), Adalina (#1452), Adalene, Adline and also Aline are the significant alternate forms of Adilene (#1235). These develops of Adilene were favored as baby names in the year 2016 (MEDIAN #834) and also have actually remained as widespread to this day (#859, ▼7%), however through the variation Aline falling out of fashion. The the majority of trendy girl names among these are Adeline, Adaline, Adalynn, Addilyn, Adelynn, Adalyn, Addilynn, Adelina and Adilene.





Comparable Names

Adilene▲ is afavor in pronunciation to Adalin, Adelyn▲, Edeline and also Odeline. Other recommended sound-achoose names are Abalene, Abilena, Abilene, Abiline, Adalee▲, Adalena, Adeen, Adele▼, Adelei, Adelinde, Adelyna, Adene, Adina, Adine, Adison▼, Adriane▼, Adrianne▼, Adriene, Ailbe, Ailee, Aileene, Ailene, Ailey, Aillie, Ailyn, Aimee▼, Aine, Aldene, Aleine, Alene▼, Allene▼, Alveene, Alyne, Amelyne, Amiee, Aprilete (check out April), Argene, Arianne, Ariele, Arleene, Arlene▼, Arlenne, Arluene, Arlyne, Atalee, Aurene, Cailene, Carlene▼, Celene, Corlene, Delene, Earlene▼, Eileene, Eilene, Eirene, Helene▼, Ilene▼, Illene, Jillene, Kaelene, Kailene, Lurlene, Madalene, Marilene, Nolene, Philene, Rolene, Sirene, Talene, Valene and Verlene. These names tend to be more typically supplied than Adilene.