The King of Spades. He is the King of Kings –and also this card epitomizes Self-Mastery – which is what we are all striving for, right?

What is this self-mastery that the King of Spades teaches us? 


When I posted the channeled session about What is Living as a Multidimensional Being? I wondered what card epitomized living totally as a multidimensional being.

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It is truly the King of Spades. the highest possible card in the deck – the card we are working towards ending up being in just how we live.

This card sits at the interarea of the Sun and Sarevolve in the Planet Spread.

At initially glance, this have the right to seem confutilizing (at leastern it did to me) because Sarevolve is the world of constraints, self-self-control, obstacles, limitations and also Father Time. It is likewise considered the planet of Karma.

It is the earth with a ring about it. I contact it the putting-us-in-a-time-out-box planet. It is prefer that awful P.E. teacher that made us run sand also hills and the bleachers till our lungs and also legs burst right into fire and also disintegrated before our incredibly eyes.

Now, I gain why we need obstacles. The running of those sand hills created toned, lean, solid legs a number of months later on. We benefitted from it and as soon as we gained with it, we might look ago and say thanks to that P.E. teacher and also those sand hills.

But, I still didn’t get why the King of Spades sat in that place.

Let’s look at what Self-Mastery is all about:

Mastery is a state of alertness and clarity in the minute.It is a state of awareness that provides you freedom to move spontaneously, able to respond to what is essential in the moment.It is NOT a duty due to a static body of knowledge.It is energetic, mindful awareness of the momentIt is being all set for masterful action bereason of confidence, conviction and a knowing of the proper (notification I didn’t say “right”) thing to DO in the moment, without hesitation.It is living in a state of being present – of having a presence; existence of mind and being.This existence is powerful, charismatic, magnetic and commanding.It is being an effective leader who leads through their distinctive perspective (they recognize the prestige of expushing their perspective, but to likewise be open up to the perspectives of others.)

Since of the above features, they draw to themselves the sources, circumstances and also human being that enables them to reach their objectives.

They know that no issue what is occurring; whatever before is reflecting itself – human being, ideas, attitudes, unintended situations and also transforming circumstances- that they will certainly preserve a state of equanimity. (A state of calm, level-headed, unperturbed awareness)

He knows that eincredibly single view, point and perboy has actually value.

He knows that there is no need to stand up to situations. (this is not around living via zero discernment or reasoning that every little thing that is going on is OK – it is about realizing that because we are of the Whole, every little thing and also everyone is THEM.)

He views life from the whole; he examines it from the whole; he allows for every one of it.

He knows that every instance might be the catalyst for a solution or innovation.

The King of spades is the King of Kings. It is the last card in the suit of spades- the last suit.

Spades are the culmicountry of all. The suit represents our difficulties and also experiences that assist make us wise. It represents our work-related, our health and wellness and also our spiroutine life.

If you think around those areas of our life, it pretty a lot sums up every little thing. Our job-related affects our health and wellness and also happiness.

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Our wellness affects our work and also happiness.

Our spiroutine ideas influence our wellness and work and also happiness.

The King of Spades represents living from the realm of Infinite Possibility.

This is why we strive to live with self-mastery. It puts us in this place of living opened up to solutions and also surprises that are beyond our instant view.

Back to his placement of Saturn and the Sun.

The Sun represents our life pressure. It is consciousness and imagination. It is conscious and also it creates. It is what creates life.

If Sarevolve is the hard task-grasp, then it is those situations that make us uncomfortable. It is those approaches, concepts, civilization and also situations that, as soon as perceived from this better place, develop the much better services and reveal helpful possibility.

Sarotate is the fifth planet. The astrological glyph looks favor a 5. Five is the number of readjust, of uncertainty and also exploring brand-new principles and also ways of being.

We cannot expand also our consciousness if we never before endure other perspectives.

The number 5 tells us to be open to change.

The King of Spades has the ability to be open up to the idea that anything that shows up is handy even when we disagree with it because it is likely to be a contributing factor in the outcome we want to produce, particularly when the result we are after is unmatched. Evolution and expansion can just occur as soon as we go beyond what currently is.

The essence of life is uncertainty and unpredictcapacity. This self-mastery of the King of Spades is the capacity to read the uncertainty and also use it.

Imagine this: Being open to any feasible event, any type of principle, any kind of belief or instance as integral to the procedure that will carry around your preferred result.