What does srx mean

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My theory:CTS = Catera (or C-level) Touring SedanSTS = Seville (or S-level) Touring SedanSRX = S-level RX (as in Lexus RX)
S= S-seriesR= ReconfiguarableX= Crossover.CTS = C-series Touring SedanSTS= S-series Touring SedanDTS= D-series Touring Sedanetc and so on and so on, at leastern that"s just how it was initially lhelp out.Now witht he brand-new SRX and also the current STS charing nopoint, and also the fact that the CTS wagaon and coupe are not referred to as CTW and CTC respectively, kinda throws the whole nomenclature point out the home window, and also it"s basically meaningmuch less.

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