What does sic em bears mean

The Big 12 has actually experienced incredible chaos over the last three years with conference re-alignment and shows up to have actually finally uncovered stcapacity, despite a handful of alarmingly awkward fan chants.

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In a conference via Mountaineers, Bears, Cowboys, and also Cyclones, tright here is plenty of potential for imposing chants, mascots, and also slogans yet a couple of Big 12 institutions possess less-than-exceptional cheers.

In Kansas State"s defense, it is hard to pair anything through a mascot that looks like an inebriated student with a stolen mascot head however "EMAW" might be worse than Willie Wildcat.

The EMAW slogan (Eexceptionally Man a Wildcat) supposedly started years ago and also despite a BCS-contending footsphere team and also rejuvenated men"s basketsphere regime, the Powercat faithful of Manhattan have actually stuck with the distinctively cheesy phrase. 

In a conference rich via history, K-State needs to dump both the human element of Wilie and also their laughable cheers in favor of a meaningful revolve of the century legacy.

The beginning of the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs "hand also sign" is unclear however even if TCU founders Addichild and also Randolph Clark trademarked the expression in 1869, Gary Patterkid should lead the charge to permanently ban it from public usage.

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TCU fans seem to embrace this dented peace authorize however a school through 2 footround nationwide championships in their history books and also a beautiful brand-new stadium through flashy unidevelops requirements to beef up the intimidation factor.

We will not also attend to the 1980s Doug Flutie-esque exercise jerseys the students wear to football games or the clvery own striped shirts for basketround games, solely because their "Sic em Bears" chant is as well horrifying.

The bizarre cregulation activity mimics an awkward Miss Teen USA candidate"s wave as she crosses the phase and also must be reinserted with a more powerful and imposing gesture. 

With the exceptional restructure project by Scott Drew on the hardtimber and also Art Briles on the gridiron, it is difficult to imagine the dozens of very touted recruits are impressed through the creepy move much better suited for Normale Bates.

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