What does semifinal mean

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A enhance or round of a competition instantly coming before the final, the winner of which goes on to the final.

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‘their semi-last defeat’‘The top 2 groups in each department will certainly play off in a semi-last adhered to by a final to decide the winners.’‘Without question it was being knocked out of the play-off semi-last by Cardiff.’‘A variety of various other athletes obtained through to the finals and semi-finals of their events.’‘The winners of the semi-finals will certainly take part in a county last to decide the winner.’‘Actually it was the quarter-final, the semi-final and the last all in one night.’‘I got to the semi-finals of my initially tournament and kbrand-new that I wanted to play professionally.’‘The Marshfield males beat favourites Morecambe in a thrilling game to reach the semi-finals.’‘He played for the Catalan club in the semi-finals of the Champions" League in 2000.’‘England also have actually just made the semi-finals twice and been knocked out in the initially round 4 times.’‘The win offers Bronte a house tie in the semi-last when they will certainly accomplish Grassington United.’‘Two tables will be offered in the major theatre for the quarter-finals and also one for the semi-finals and also final.’‘England also beat them in the semi-final in one of the finest games of the tournament.’‘Chinese woguys have actually made the semi-finals in hocessential and the quarter-finals in volleyround.’‘The league is being played in four geographical groups, with 2 semi-finals and also a last at the end of the seakid.’‘The semi-finals and final will be played this coming Sunday at New Earswick.’‘Stevens was gracious in defeat and also he has currently shed two finals in addition to 3 semi-finals at Sheffield.’‘That may be the situation however Mowbray still desires semi-finals and finals for his players.’‘They only just shed in their semi-final absent out on the chance of an all Ilkley final.’‘The team progressed from Saturday"s semi-finals to reach the last on Sunday.’‘After so many kind of lost finals and also semi-finals and also rank bad breaks, does his team still have actually the stomach for the fight?’
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