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1a : to strut or move around in an ostentatious or conspicuous manner The version sashayed dvery own the runmeans. Rinna is sashaying dvery own a street in among Sutton"s designer gowns for some reason!— Jodi Walker Her friends had long whispered to her around Lute"s sleek good looks, and also the means he sashayed around the island as if he owned it.— Dorothy West

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b : walk, glide, go Fans must reap Mexico goalie Jorge Campos, with his pink-and-lime-green outfits and also the means he sashays uparea, far from his goal, once the spirit moves him. — The New York Times With his cowboy wisdom and irreverent wit, he sashayed right into America"s heart beforehand this century and also has actually remained tbelow ever before considering that. — People Weekly
c : to continue or relocate in a diagonal or sideways manner The hook dangling from the airplane"s tail is meant to clear the ramp by at least 10 feet; but the ramp itself, in heavy seas, might be climbing and also falling 15 feet and also sashaying side to side in a figure-eight too.— Peter Garrison
2 : a square-dance number in which partners sidestep in a circle roughly each other with the male moving behind the womale

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The French verb chassé ("to make a sliding dance step") danced right into English unchanged in the early 19th century, yet as the word gained popularity in America human being often had actually obstacle pronouncing and also transcribing its French rhythms. By 1836, sashay had actually begun to appear in print in American resources. Authors such as Mark Twain, Zora Neale Hurston, and John Updike have all given that put their names on the word"s dance card and also have appreciated the liveliness and also perspective sashay adds to descriptions of movement. They and many type of, many type of others have helped sashay slide amethod from its French dance beginnings to strut its stuff in descriptions of miscellaneous walks and also moves.

Verb The model sashayed dvery own the runmethod. She sashayed into the room. Noun just a tiny weekfinish sashay we took to obtain away from it all
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Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Following her Drag Race icing, EW recorded up via Denali for a conversation on her connection with Rosé, her decision to tell the judges Kandy Muse have to sashay away, and even more. — Joey Nolfi, EW.com, 15 Mar. 2021 The monarchs officially sashay onto the streaming service on Thursday, June 24 via 2 back-to-ago episodes, complied with by weekly drops eincredibly Thursday. — Joey Nolfi, EW.com, 26 May 2021 See this queen in complete body confidence mode and gain influenced to sashay around your own area in a comparable carefree way at any type of age. — Victoria Uwumarogie, Essence, 27 May 2021 However, last week’s episode ultimately experienced Denali sashay ameans after her makeover through Oliby means of Lux landed the pair in the bottom 2 — yet not without one last present. — Justin Curto, Vulture, 15 Mar. 2021 Expect one last queen to sashay away at the end of tonight’s episode ... unless Mama Ru springs a surpclimb on everyone, which has actually occurred this season. — oregonlive, 10 Apr. 2021 After a thrilling performance from both monarchs, RuPaul announced that Utica had actually endured once aobtain, and asked Tina to turn it, burn it, and also sashay amethod. — Stephen Daw, Billboard, 25 Mar. 2021 Fans will certainly soon be able to sashay, shantay, and slay on the RuPaul"s Drag Race runmethod, as production firm World of Wonder will release a brand-new video game based upon the Emmy-winning TV franchise. — Joey Nolfi, EW.com, 17 Mar. 2021 Plenty of Denali"s fans have been vocal about her elimicountry, saying that the judges" critiques were much harsher towards Oliby means of, and that her partner should have been the one to sashay ameans. — Stephen Daw, Billboard, 16 Mar. 2021 Recent Instances on the Web: Noun Designers have long counted on Campbell to bring their developments to life, her inimitable sashay including a one-of-a-kind touch to countless collections. — Janelle Okwodu, Vogue, 19 Oct. 2020 Selena Gomez coos about self-treatment over music that inspires only slight sashays. — Spencer Kornhaber, The Atlantic, 19 Mar. 2020 Tbelow are more than enough nods (and also even a sashay) to its predecessor in the sequel that matured fans will love and also appreciate — but wright here does that leave kids favor mine? — Lacey Vorrasi-banis, EW.com, 20 Nov. 2019 Our goose deserve to execute the abovementioned honk and also also waddle — more of a try-not-to-love me sashay, actually — and also usage a nimble, elongated neck to pry radio wires totally free or hide under a table. — Los Angeles Times, 28 Sep. 2019 Many kind of have viewed New York City Ballet’s primary dancer Tiler Peck sashay throughout the stages of Lincoln Center, Broadmethod, and also beyond. — Lilah Ramzi, Vogue, 22 Jan. 2019 The sashay is additionally a square dance number in which the partners take sidemeans procedures to circle each various other. — John E. Mcintyre, baltimoresunlight.com, 30 Apr. 2018 An existing connection can take an added steamy revolve this week as Venus provides its last sashay throughout Leo’s fiery constellation. — Aliza Kelly Faragher, Allure, 11 Sep. 2017 Then Joanna did the sashay and also shante in front of Alexa’s judgpsychological eye. — Geoffrey A. Fowler, WSJ, 2 Aug. 2017

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