What does s on my chest mean


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Referring to the S on Superman's chest. When someone walks approximately choose they gained a s on their chest, they walk about like nothing deserve to harm them or choose they're invincible or something.

"People say I walk approximately like I acquired a S on my chest"- 50 Cent

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Refers to the s on supermans chest. You act favor you cant be hurt or taken down, as if you are invincible.

"They say i walk around choose i acquired a s on my chest" Lil Wayne,Go DJ


Having the confidence of a super hero-

Standard Lil Wayne Track-

cash money bitch.

I Dont Jump On The Track, I Pole Vault,I Got That S On My Chest Im Supposed To Ball...

I Walk Around Like I Gotta s on my chest, I'm Supposed To Ball...

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To wear a Smith & Wesboy bullet proof vest on your chest.

Jay acquired shot yesterday and he still breathin'. Cus he had actually dat (S) Smith & Weschild bullet proof vest on.

I gained S on my chest so i have the right to live lengthy.

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To feel superhuman, prefer just how supermale has an "S" on his chest.

You were there like a punk,

Just to gain in my confront,

Wanted in me wanted to be

Till I provided you a taste

Don't require your goddamn pressure

Frontin' anxiety I'm superguy motherfucker

Without the s on my chest

Trying to step in my circle I'm leaving you purple and black

On your ago drop your ass prefer a heart attack

Rippin' via your life favor a motherfuckin'

Hurricane fist complete of Novocain for the pain

-Under My Skin, By Mudvayne

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an insecure asshole who walks around in a superman tee shirt, tatas well, necklace and so on. trying to present civilization he's tough...

I recognize you're choose me, when you watch someone walking down the street in a Superguy tee shirt, you simply desire to shoot them in the chest. And once they begin to bleed go, "I guess not." Don't wear the shirt. Wear a shirt that claims, "I bleed if you shoot me in the chest plate" and also I will certainly not shoot you in the chest plate, Superbleeder. Haha I dubbed him Superbleeder.

-Dane Cook

I think i need a bigger s on my chest.

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'S on my chest' Refers to Supermale and his being the guy of steel. It indicates the perboy with the S on their chest is invincible and are asking someone to shoot them as a sign of good will certainly. Once swarm, they should buy the shooter a drink