What Does Royalty Mean In The Bible

But you are a chosen civilization, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s one-of-a-kind possession, that you might declare the praises of him that dubbed you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

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1 Peter 2:9

Do you remember the fact display Toddlers and Tiaras? Perhaps you may have actually taken a glance at young girls dolled up in fancy do’s and also makeup, paraded on phase with frilly dresses in vicious competition to be crowned winner of the latest pageant.


Diva vs. Daughter of the King

Unfortunately, many kind of womales now are increasing daughters through a “diva” mentality–the notion that everyone and also whatever orbits around their own bit people.

The definition of a “diva” is a well known female singer, or “a self-essential perboy that is temperapsychological and tough to please (typically offered of a woman)” (source).

Many “divas” desire to live in facility phase, expecting the civilization roughly us to cater to our every desire.

But tright here is a far better way to live.

Tright here is a method to live in tranquility without the continuous striving to attain greatness according to the world’s requirements. Not under the heavy law of perfectionism and performance, however under the canopy of God’s grace and also love.

It is a life that is dubbed to a higher level of aristocracy.

This form of aristocracy is not the superficial “diva” facility that requirements we live in the limelight. It is the humble, gracious mindsetof a womale who knows that she is nobility because she is a daughter of the King of majesties.

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Who is he, this King of glory? The Lord Almighty— he is the King of glory. Psalm 24:10

We don’t have to live for a perishable tiara that tarnishes through time; we arecrownedthrough eternal glory and honor(Psalm 8:4-5). Not because we execute all the right things, yet bereason God plucked us out of our sinful mess, dusted us off, and shelp, “I select you.”

That is true aristocracy.

God has actually offered us accessibility to whatever we have to live a full, numerous life in Him. We have immeasurable worth and also dignity bereason our Daddy is King of the universe!


1 Peter 2:9 reminds us that we are referred to as toaroyal priesthood. The clergymans in Exodus 28 were the descendants of Aaron, Moses’ brvarious other. God appointed them to recurrent the nation of Israel by interceding for the civilization.

They were appointed to wear sacred clothing wstove with sophisticated cloth and also gold–apparel of dignity and also honor (Exodus 28:2).

Jewels adorned the breastitem they wore, bearing the names of the twelve tribes of Israel.

A plate of pure gold was attached to their turbans, on which were engraved the words:


After the priests were clothed in their sacred apparel, they were anointed via oil and also ordained as priests. They were consecrated by the Lord and also asserted holy to serve Him in righteousness.

The priests served God by interceding for the people of Israel and sacrificed pets on behalf of their sins.

Fast forward to the book of Hebrews, and you’ll see that Jesus took the location of the clergymans and also did what they never before might. He lived a sinmuch less life and sacrificed Himself as a Holy, spotmuch less Lamb to cleanse the sins of humanity, when and for all!(Hebrews 2:17)

Jesus is the excellent High Priest, and also He invites us to join Him in His imperial priesthood.

4 Truths About your Royalty in Christ

Similar to the priests in the Old Testimony, we are now…

Adopted right into His royal household Appointed to intercede for those roughly us Anointed via the power of the Divine Spirit Adorned in sacred garments of dignity and honor


We are consecrated, collection apart, redeemed and restored–we are royalty!

It’s time to stop living as impoveriburned prodigals or demanding divas and also begin walking in the nobility, grace, and dignity we have actually in Christ!

It’s time to foracquire the sins of our past and live like we are truly forgiven. Jesus has actually rerelocated the garments of our sin and shame and also clothed us in His spiritual robes of righteousness.

As a royal priesthood, it’s time to gain on our knees and intercede for those in our “tribes”–our family members, friends and those in our neighborhoods who have actually not yet joined the royal household.

So put on your clothing of splendor,dear sister, and live like you royalty–bereason you are!

…you additionally, favor living stones, are being built right into a spiritual residence to be a holy priesthood, providing spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God with Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2:5


In Conclusion

So remember to walk with your head organized high! We are true royalty, and daughters of the King of majesties. I pray that this fact radically transcreates exactly how you watch yourself, and might you walk via dignity, toughness and honor, discovering you are clothed with the royalty of Christ!

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