In Spanish, both poco and also pequeño deserve to be interpreted as ‘little’. So even though these words describe different features they’re still quickly perplexed by Spanish learners. Due to the fact that these words are not synonyms, many kind of world wonder what the distinction is in between ‘poco’ and ‘pequeño’ in Spanish.

‘Poco’ is offered to talk about quantities. It works either as an adverb or an adjective of quantity and implies ‘little’, ‘few’ or ‘a small little of’.

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‘Pequeño’ is constantly an adjective and also it defines the size or the age of a perboy or an object. It suggests ‘little’, small’, ‘short’, ‘tiny’ or ‘young.

Since they’re referring to various points, confutilizing ‘poco’ and also ‘pequeño’ will certrcfereform.orgnly affect both your fluency and conversational skills. For that reason, in the adhering to sections, we’ll carry out you through rules and some examples to watch them in real-world conversations. By the end, ‘poco’ and also ‘pequeño’ will certrcfereform.orgnly no much longer be a vocabulary trouble for you.

What’s the Difference Between ‘Poco’ and also ‘Pequeño’?

As synonyms of ‘little’, ‘poco’ and also ‘pequeño’ might seem synonymous. However, these words not just explrcfereform.orgn or refer to various attributes / quantities yet also they job-related with various aspects. In the complying with table, you’ll uncover the crucial differences in between these 2 words.

Gina es mi hermana pequeña.Gina is my little sister.Dora tiene pocas cosas en su casa.Dora has few points in her residence.Los zapatos que compré están muy pequeños.The shoes that I bought are very little.Mi vecino habla un poco de español.My neighbour speaks a small bit of Spanish.

Now that you have actually a basic and quick expertise of the differences in between ‘poco’ and also ‘pequeño’, let’s talk about the conmessages and the rules you need to follow to usage these words.


How & When to Use ‘Poco’

In Spanish, ‘poco’ enables us to refer or to talk around amounts. Depending on the context, ‘poco’ might be working either as an adjective or as an adverb of quantity. Therefore, ‘poco’ is a word that steps objects or actions. As a result, it deserve to be translated as:

FewLittleA bit bitNot much / not many

Measuring Actions - Little / A little bit

When working as an adverb, ‘poco’ procedures the actions expressed by a verb. In this instance, ‘poco’ is put after the verb and also it can be analyzed as ‘little’, ‘a little bit’ or ‘not much’. Here are some examples of utilizing ‘poco’ in this context:

Sé muy poco español.I know very bit Spanish.

¡Comieron muy poco! ¿No tienen hambre? You men ate exceptionally little bit. Aren’t you hungry?

La verdad estudié poco para el exaguys.To be hocolony, I didn’t examine a lot for the test.

¿No crees que tu ropa es un poco pequeña?Don’t you think that your garments are a tiny little small?

Kim es bastante tímida y habla muy poco con otras personas.Kim is incredibly shy and talks very little via other human being.

Take note: You deserve to intensify your sentence by adding ‘muy’ between the verb and also ‘poco’. However before, including this word is completely optional.

Measuring People and Objects - Few / Little

As an adjective, ‘poco’ deserve to be supplied to talk around measuring or describing the amount or variety of objects or civilization. As such in this situation, ‘poco’ would be interpreted either as a ‘few’ or ‘little’. In this context, ‘poco’ is quantifying a noun, as an outcome, it needs to use plural or feminine creates when essential.

En mi clase hay muy pocos estudiantes canadienses.Tbelow are very few Canadian students in my class.Quedan pocas maletas y no veo la mía, tal vez se perdió.There are few suitsituations and also I don’t check out mine, probably it’s lost.Hoy hay muy poca gente en la calle, ¿es un día feriado?Today tright here are very few world on the street, is it a holiday? ¡Ándale! ¡Dame mis cosas! Tengo poco tiempo para llegar al trabajo.Come on! Give me my stuff back! I have little bit time to grcfereform.orgn to work-related.

Mi cocina tiene muy pocos utensilios porque no sé cocinar muy bien.My kitchen has actually very few tools bereason I don’t know how to prepare exceptionally well.

Note: When making use of ‘poco’ to meacertrcfereform.orgn objects or teams of people, this adjective needs to enhance with the gender and also numbers of the noun. As an outcome, you need to select in between ‘poco’, ‘pocos’, ‘pocas’ and also ‘poca’.

When utilizing ‘poco’ to meacertrcfereform.orgn objects or teams of people, this adjective needs to enhance via the gender and also numbers of the noun.

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What Does Poquito Mean in Spanish?

Many Spanish learners acquire confused as soon as hearing the word poquito. However, ‘poquito’ is only the diminutive develop of ‘poco’ which means we usage these words in the same conmessages and also with the exact same rules. Depfinishing on the conmessage, ‘poquito’ could be translated as:

So littleLittle bitFew

Even though it’s not a dominion of thumb, many Spanish speakers usage ‘poquito’ as a method to intensify their sentence.

¡Qué poquito dormí! I slept so little!

Hay muy poquita gente en el avión.There are incredibly few people on the rcfereform.orgrcraft.

Estoy un poquito aburrida, ¿quieres hacer otra cosa?I’m a small little bored, carry out you want to do somepoint else?

Emma lleva muy poquitas cosas en su maleta.Emma has extremely few points in her suitcase.

¡Chicos les queda poquito tiempo para terminar su proyecto!Guys you have actually little time left to end up your project!

How & When to Use ‘Pequeño’

In Spanish, ‘pequeño’ is an adjective that defines an object’s or person’s size. It can additionally be used to define someone’s age or youth. Depfinishing on the context, ‘pequeño’ might be interpreted as:


As an adjective, ‘pequeño’ has plural and also feminine creates and they have to enhance to the noun that you’re describing. Here are some examples to check out it in practice:

Laura es mi hermana más pequeña.Laura is my youngest sister.

La novia de David es muy pequeña.David’s girlfriend is so tiny.

Jaboy y yo tenemos dos perros pequeños.Jason and also I have actually 2 little dogs.

¡Me encantan las casas pequeñas! ¡Son tan lindos!I love tiny houses! They’re so cute!

¿Tiene otra talla? Este pantalón es demasiaexecute pequeño.Do you have actually one more size? These pants are too tiny.

‘Pequeño’ can likewise be offered to construct expressions, such as once you start you sentences with ‘qué’:

¡Mira! ¡Qué pequeños kid esos zapatos! Look how tiny those shoes are!

¡Qué pequeña eres! Te ves más alta en tus fotos.You’re so short! You look taller in your photos.

¡Qué pequeño es el mundo! No sabía que Marco es tu hermano.What a little world! I didn’t recognize that Marco is your brother.

Take note: ‘Pequeño’ has multiple translations and also definitions, but they’re all referring to dimension or age. Determining the definition of this adjective will depend on the context.

Using ‘pequeño’ in expressions is equivalent to what we experienced earlier with ‘poco’:

¡Ay, mira! ¡Qué perrito tan pequeño!Oh my God, look! What a small dog!

Mariana, ¡qué letra tan pequeña tiene tu libro! Te vas a lastimar los ojos.Mariana, what a small font your book has! You’re going to hurt your eyes!

Wrapping Up

Because they can be interpreted as ‘little’, poco and pequeño are conveniently puzzled by Spanish learners. However before, as we questioned in this article, these words are not interchangeable because they’re referring to various things.

We establimelted that ‘poco’ is supplied to talk about amounts while ‘pequeño’ defines dimension or age. Here are some necessary vital points to remember when making use of these 2 words:


It have the right to be either an adjective or adverb of amount. Describes or measures amounts. As an adverb, qualifies the activity presented by the verb. It indicates ‘little’, ‘a little bit’ or ‘not much’. As an adjective, measures the amount of a detrcfereform.orgls object, variety of objects or team of people. When working as an adjective, ‘poco’ has feminine (poca) and plural (pocos / pocas) forms. It means ‘few’ or ‘little’. Poquito is the diminutive create of ‘poco’.


It’s an adjective and also it describes nouns. Qualifies or explrcfereform.orgns the dimension of a person or an object. It have the right to be offered to talk around the age or the youth of a perkid. Depending on the context, it suggests ‘small’, ‘little’, ‘short’, ‘tiny’ or ‘young’. Has feminine (pequeña) and plural (pequeños / pequeñas) forms.

Hopecompletely, currently these words are un poco más fáciles for you and also you’re ready to begin applying them in your conversations.