What does non normative mean



"Normative" means that it"s an official formal component of the specification; non-normative means that it"s there to be advantageous and assist expertise, yet you can not appeal to it in a court of regulation (so to speak).

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I"m afrassist that specifications from conventional bodies choose W3C, simply like legal contracts, are written in formal language that the reader is intended to understand also. It"s worth persevering, because when you"ve gained over the initial hurdle of some unacquainted language, it"s actually much easier to get a definitive answer to many of the kinds of questions that human being ask on forums favor this by referring to the official typical than by analysis the tutorial sites that attempt to make it even more friendly but lose precision in the procedure.


The factor we divide specs right into "normative" and "non-normative" is so that civilization recognize which source to trust if they disagree. For circumstances, a Working Group might compose a tutorial or a set of examples or a place paper that includes an error which contradicts the normative specification. The normative specification is the one you have to trust.

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Sometimes a Working Group will cover the very same material in various ways in two normative specs. When they carry out this, they are saying that these 2 specifications must agree, and any kind of disagreement between them is an error which have to be corrected by the Working Group.


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