What does nan desu ka mean

First of all, the creating mechanism you are refering to is hiragana. Not kanji. And no, it would not be これわなんですか。

The correct means to write it would be this:


The just genuine difference right here is that the は character, pronounced "ha" generally, is being provided as a subject pshort article in this sentence. So is therefore pronounced "wa" and created as "wa" in Romaji.

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Another instance is the word こんにちは (konnichiwa) which provides the "ha" character as a "wa", yet in this situation is not a subject marker.

Seperated right into seperate words, your sentence is this:

Hiragana: これ は なん です か



So your sentence literally means: What is this?

If you are in search of kanji and also not hiragana, then the correct symbol would be this:


*: wa being provided as the subject ppost.

**: です(desu) does not always intend "is"

***: ka is a question marker, making the sentence a question.

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何 have the right to be read nan or nani and it indicates "what".

"kore wa" means "this" and "desuka" indicates a question.

So "kore wa nan desu ka" basically indicates "What is this?"

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In hiragana, これはなんですか。なん is 何 in kanji."何" You have the right to check out nani, nan. that indicates what."korewa 〜 desuka" implies Is this. (If rcfereform.org sentence has actually desuka, it is Question)

Anymeans, "kore wa nandeska" indicates What"s this?

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