Glorious November. Generous as well. What I love around the transforming of the seachild, is just how liberally it can drop goodness in our laps unapologetically. November doesn’t bother to ask our permission; it just arrives through a prosper, favor the cherry on optimal of a classical banana separation.

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It’s gonna happen for you, if it hasn’t already, so will certainly you be a willing receiver as soon as it does? Will you nalu it?


Nalu is the Hawaiian word for wave or surging surf, and also the hapa-Hawaiian saying, to “Nalu it” means “go through the circulation.” As every person who learns to swim in the ocean knows, you don’t fight the waves, you ride them.

I prospered up thinking “Nalu it” was street slang, and also so tbelow was an extremely cool affirmation of sorts which wamelted over me the day I initially looked up nalu in the Pukui Elbert Hawaiian Dictionary. They execute specify nalu as, “wave, surf; complete of waves; to create waves; wavy, as wood grain” and then, as definition number 2., “to ponder, meditate, mull over, speculate.”

That’s also better! The kaona (concealed meaning) of nalu becomes so a lot richer, for that meaning implies thoughtful intention to me. “Nalu it” begins to expect go with the circulation, and be mindful at the same time; be current. Take notice, but likewise, leave some room.

When you speak and also think around it, all circulation needs that room — that space to flow well, to surge without inhibition, just as the finest surf will.

So, we “ponder”…

As we ho‘ohana, and also work-related with objective, passion, and full intention have actually we freed up enough capacity in our lives so that we deserve to “nalu it” as soon as a gold opportunity drops in our laps unexpectedly? It doesn’t even have to be an opportunity… deserve to we be open enough, and also freed up enough, to enjoy whatever before good reflects up?

Or, are we typically running on fumes? Is tbelow enough fuel in our reserves, so that we can take enticing detours without worrying that we’ll run dry, and will certainly have taken too great a risk?

As we’ve sassist before, Be unencumbered. Especially currently, when tright here is so a lot seasonal goodness to take advantage of, and to be in the flow via.

Park. Walk rather. Nalu it almost everywhere, and in all of your areas.

Thoughts like these predictably recur in November. The year is drawing to a cshed, and holiday celebrations obtain our attention, seeming to say, “Hey you, pay attention to me, it’s time!” Can we do so, or are we still scrambling, reacting via, “No! I’m not prepared for you” please hold off a little even more, and also wait.”

Good try, for there’s no preventing the calendar, is tright here.

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There’s little bit sense in resisting. No feeling scrambling either. As David Allen states, “There’s no recording up; there’s just capturing on.”

So nalu it; go with the flow this month and reap November. To park, and walk instead, is to take notification of your Sense of Place (our Key 8) and gain grounded in that elemental, earthy means.

If you feel you should dig in through one last valiant initiative, work on your sweetest closure and also let stuff go: It will obtain you to Nānā i ke kumu (go back to your source, value/chapter 17 in Managing through Aloha).

Say Aloha to November in your many welcoming way, and also dwell tright here, within your soul for the seachild, and also your self-leadership. It’s a great place to be.

Lead the way

Do this for yourself and also you’ll feel better: Going with the flow relaxes you.

Then, in the soul of Managing via Aloha, give this very same holiday permission to everyone that functions through you. Share the Language of Intention of “Nalu it” with them — let them understand their sweet closure is okay via you, and also that you’ll support their enjoyment of the seakid as well, wbelow the goodness of nalu-ing it is entirely possible.

One to evaluation on this last thought… Dear Manager, who carry out you want to be?

Aloha! Just joining us?

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