What does morenita mean in english

Eh, depends on the place. And in some locations, negra has actually nothing to do via skin shade (and neither does morena).

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I am morena because of my dark hair, not my skin. I execute not have actually piel morena, though.

I think, in general, indigenous Spanish speakers are much much less prudish around skin colors compared to English speakers (at least).

I intend, I know plenty of songs describing womales by their skin shade, using words that would not be thought about COMPUTER in English, if translated right.

Mulata/o is acceptable (at least in some regions). I do not understand of a area where it is clearly a no-no (various other than English).

And I’m called negra and negrita despite being quite the opposite.

aceplace57 May 5, 2013, 12:13am #3

Muchas actually gracias!

I really don’t desire to offfinish human being in 2 languperiods. My Spanish is shaky sufficient already.

KarlGrenze May 5, 2013, 12:26am #4

AFAIK, morena is fine. I don’t think also negra, mulata, or prieta are a no-no. But I know more of the Caribbean and also Mexideserve to dialects, probably in some other area it may be various, yet those that I recognize from other regions don’t seem to have an worry.

harmonicamoon May 5, 2013, 12:34am #5

Here in Mexico moreno/a is brvery own. Negro/a is babsence. This is skin color. Neither is offensive. They are descriptions. No racism below. Well, a lot less.

robert_columbia May 5, 2013, 12:55am #6

I’m white and also non-Hispanic, but I’ve seen that Hispanic cultures don’t have the same hangups over race as Anglos carry out. Yes, race has had interpretation in Latin America and also Spain, but not in the very same means. Also, tbelow are Hispanics that are as fair as the bonniest lassie from Scotland if you look difficult sufficient. I actually met a Salvadorian lady in the US whose accent and also absence of English proficiency combined with her appearance threw me off totally and had me suspecting that she can be French Canadian.

Latin America has watched a better amount of race mixing through astronomical populaces of multiracial world. Wander around Puerto Rico for a while and also you’ll uncover people that are more or much less a mishmash of European, Native, and Afrideserve to blood. That’s not as widespread in English speaking areas. English settlers seemed to have actually a hangup via race mixing that the Spanish and Portuguese didn’t have or didn’t need to the exact same degree.

robert_columbia May 5, 2013, 12:59am #7

Eh, relies on the place. And in some places, negra has actually nothing to execute via skin color (and also neither does morena).

I am morena …

And I’m dubbed negra and negrita despite being rather the oppowebsite.

Wait, you’re a girl?

KarlGrenze May 5, 2013, 1:23am #8

Latin America has seen a better amount of race mixing via astronomical populations of multiracial civilization. Wander roughly Puerto Rico for a while and you’ll uncover world that are even more or less a mishmash of European, Native, and also Afrihave the right to blood. That’s not as common in English speaking locations. English settlers seemed to have a hangup with race mixing that the Spanish and Portuguese didn’t have actually or didn’t need to the exact same level.

English inhabitants came through families (think Puritans, pilgrims, Jamestvery own, the lost colonies, etc.). Portuguese and Spanish at an early stage conquistadores were army men (or bad or mercenaries trying to find quick gold). Huge gender imbalance in the first years. It additionally led to youngsters of any unions ultimately being known, and some of those unions being recognized (bereason tright here were no other woguys around) at leastern by church and possibly by crown, also.

Yes, AFAIK, I am woman.

grama May 5, 2013, 1:33am #9

Here at leastern, skin shade is viewed as simply another physical characteristic, choose blonde, or tall. In truth nicknames like:

negro/blackchico/shortgordo or guatón/fatflaco/thin

Are exceptionally common, there’s (almost) constantly at leastern one of each in eextremely course in school, team of friends, coworkers, etc.

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aceplace57 May 5, 2013, 2:48am #10

I’ve noticed that too. If you’re heavyset they call you gorexecute in Spanish. Or someone with huge arms (weight lifting) is Tiene los brazos muy gordos.

Nothing cruel is expected by it. Spanish is simply exceptionally descriptive around civilization.

moriah May 5, 2013, 3:17am #11

I’ve had to educate a few Colombian transplants to the US that ‘fatty’ and ‘fatso’ are not OK nicknames. Nor commenting on just how females look as being proper conversation in the workarea. But then aget, I’ve had actually to educate Gringos about that one, too.

Although, remember, a century ago, ‘fatty’ was an acceptable nickname. Isn’t that right, Mr. Arbuckle?

Colibri May 5, 2013, 4:43am #12

Here in Panama moreno/a and also morenito/a are perfectly OK. I recognize a womale that goes by La Morena as a nickname.

I have actually been told that it is rather rude to describe a perboy as negro/a, but that the diminutive negrito/a is OK.

Cholo is offered for world that look Indian (indigenous): dark brown skin and also straight babsence hair. This have the right to occasionally be supplied as an insult, but periodically is simply a description. I saw a police report referring to a suspect having actually cholo hair, and have met males nicknamed Cholo. The neighborhood basesphere team in a small tvery own is dubbed Los Cholos.

Nava May 5, 2013, 5:29am #13

Here at least, skin shade is seen as simply an additional physical characteristic, choose blonde, or tall. In fact nicknames like:

negro/blackchico/shortgorcarry out or guatón/fatflaco/thin

Are very widespread, there’s (almost) constantly at least one of each in eincredibly course in institution, team of friends, coworkers, and so on.

And they have the right to be serious or just-the-opposite. Often those nicks are the story behind a lastname, such as my classmate with the thick eyebrows whose paternal line is certainly not in doubt: his lastname indicates HeWithThickEyebrows.

*Moreno/a *additionally indicates “dark haired” and also “tanned”. I’m castaña (dark brown hair), my sister in regulation is morena (raven-haired), both of us gain morenas in the summertime (in fact, right currently I have actually T-shirt-lines, simply from walking approximately in the spring’s sun). My pelirroja cousin on the other hand also and also choose eexceptionally other true redhead wouldn’t acquire a tan unmuch less it was painted on

I supplied to job-related in a manufacturing facility in north Spain that was part of an Amerideserve to multinationwide firm. Sometimes we’d gain “COMPUTER reminders” out of Home Office which made zero sense in the neighborhood context; for instance, quickly after I joined, we obtained a letter saying “we have to hire more African-Americans and also more women”, causing jokes around exactly how “we’re ahead of HQ’s plans, we simply hired 2 women and also a babsence guy!” “wait, do guys from Equatorial Guinea count? The letter claims ‘African-American’, perform African-Africans count? Would a Morocdeserve to count?” “If we’re expected to hire ‘minorities’, shouldn’t we be hiring gypsies? This is Spain, our conventional minority is gypsies! I’m an extremely standard guy and also I say we should hire even more gypsies!” “Trying to gain your cousins hired?” “Only my father’s side!” (his mother’s side isn’t Roma).

Anvarious other one was about COMPUTER language, causing numerous lunch breaks spent coming up with methods to describe someone without saying “the black guy” (there was just one in the factory), “the fat blonde” or “the beanpole - I don’t simply intend ‘tall’, as soon as you check out him you’ll recognize which one I mean”. It deserve to be pretty hard, we had actually the majority of dudes whose description would have actually been the precise exact same as the Guinean’s when you left skin shade out of it.


I think, in basic, indigenous Spanish speakers are much much less prudish about skin colors compared to English speakers (at least).

I think you should maybe revise your idea to be “Americans”. In Canada we speak to civilization of Afrideserve to descent “black”. No they are not really black, yet a lot of Canadians are really closer to pink, and are not offended to be called white. Labels of convenience are not offensive.

Calling someone “African Canadian” simply isn’t done. Often it would be a misnomer anymeans. It is amusing as soon as an American calls a Canadian “Afrihave the right to American”. It is also funnier when they were born in Africa. Or they have actually a Jamaideserve to accent.

My ancestors were ethnic Germans that stayed in French region. They fresulted in southern Russia, then later to Kansas, and lastly to Canada. What kind of hyphenated nonfeeling perform I must use? Just Canadian give thanks to you. If my skin tone matters, white is fine.


I think you need to maybe revise your notion to be “Americans”.

Agreed, yet if you’ll accept an inadequate excusage, so much of our media comes from the US or is tailored to them that it can be hard to keep that in mind.

Which has actually lugged to mind that one of the differences between UK and US media is that in UK movies or series, race is irpertinent most of the moment and also anybody making a fuss around it gets smacked dvery own, however as soon as it’s pertinent for a description it gets mentioned very same as if it was eye shade or mode of dress. That’s how it is not simply in Spanish however in many kind of other langueras and also nations. Sorry, the only Aus-based series I’m familiar through was Neighbors… referred to as to Catalan :)… and I only recorded it a couple of times, so I can’t compare.