What does mina mean in japanese

April 07, 2020 What"s the Difference Between Mina and also Minna (And Why Does It Matter Anyway?) April 07, 2020/ Step Up Japanese/ Fran Wrigley

Mina-san, konnichiwa! (皆さん、こんにちは ) Hello everybody!

If you watch Japanese TV or anime (or are paying attention in class) you"ve most likely come throughout the Japanese word mina-san (皆さん) interpretation "everybody".

But what"s the distinction between mina and also minna? What"s mina-sama all about? And ... does it actually matter?

1.皆さん Mina-san

Mina suggests "everybody", and it"s commonly offered through "-san" (the honorific sufresolve you put on the finish of people"s names to be polite).

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Mina-san is frequently used as soon as addressing a team of people, especially when they don"t recognize either various other too well or the instance calls for a slightly even more formal greeting.

I uncover myself making use of mina-san in course a lot, which renders feeling - I’m addressing a team of world.

As you can expect, Japanese YouTubers say “mina-san konnichiwa” a lot also ("hi guys!")


These example sentences from jisho.org need to give you a great idea of the kinds of instance when mina-san is used:


2.みんな Minna

Also prevalent is minna, which is just a talked develop of mina. Minna is even more casual than mina.

Examples from jisho display us that people likewise usage minna as soon as they talk around everyone, and also as soon as addressing groups:


3. Beware! It’s not みんなさん minna-san

You can not mix them up and also usage minna-san though. That"s incorrect.

Probably no one will certainly mind or notice in a casual case, but if you"re trying to be polite, stick via mina-san. Or you have the right to evengo even more polite through...

4. 皆様 Mina-sama

In more formal instances, the -san sufsettle is switched approximately the more polite/formal -sama.

Mina-sama attributes a lot choose "females and also gentlemen", or “esteemed guests”, and also is supplied in composing, and also in announcements:


Why does this matter?

Well really, which word you usage is going to depfinish on the situation.

Mina-sama is super formal and it would sound weird if you use it with your friends. Likewise, minna is pretty casual and also can not be correct in a service setting.

A lot of obtaining fluency in a language is around picking the right word for the ideal instance. The even more examples you have the right to check out, and the even more you can expose yourself to the Japanese language, the more these distinctions will certainly begin to make sense.

Mina-san, if you"d like to learn more Japanese through me, click below to examine out my new digital Japanese language courses!

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