What Does Mfl Mean In Texting

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The texting era has lugged an onslaught of brand-new acronyms. Here's a guide to 50 of the many prevalent texting abbreviations, from FML to IRL.

What Does FML Mean?

The brief answer is that FML suggests "f*ck my life."

FML: The Long Answer

Have you ever before wondered what FML means? If you have, you're in the best place! This term has actually been in use on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and also in immediate messaging clients and also digital games for years. The slang term has actually become even even more famous through the release of the movie Just Go With It, where actor Adam Sandler supplies it as his Facebook standing.

FML is commonly a somewhat offensive term and is often offered in frustration. It is an acronym meaning "f*ck my life." Due to the fact that of the definition of this term, it must be offered with treatment in order not to offfinish whoever hears it. Those in search of a polite version of this term may wish to use it to expect "Foracquire My Life," "Funk My Life," or even "Feeling Mighty Low."

However before, FML has numerous other interpretations.

Meaning of LMAO, FML, and also lots of various other phrases

Alternative Meanings of FML

FML has various other interpretations, all of which are completely unregarded "F*ck My Life," which include:

Footsphere Manager Live (a website)Family Medical Leave (sometimes referred to as FMLA "Family Medical Leave Act")For My Lady (A Moody Blues song)

User-Submitted Meanings:

Free My LifeFind My Luggage (heard at an airport)Fix My LiverFind My LoverFor My LoveFix My LoverFix My Life

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Wbelow Did FML Come From?

The term was initially uploaded to Urban Dictionary in 2005, however it did not acquire widespreview popularity until the release of "Superbad" in 2007. By 2008, as soon as FMyLife.com was born, the term had already spreview favor wildfire.

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Interelaxing Facts About FML

Making up alternate definitions for FML is understandable. You have to admit, its original meaning is reasonably negative. Since of the rather vulgar definition of FML, many Christian groups have actually been pushing for a brand-new definition: Foroffer Me, Lord.

The attempt hence much, yet, has actually not been a effective one, and also incredibly few world outside of these Christian teams usage the term in this sense.

FML has other, somewhat nonsensical meanings. As a joke, many say that FML suggests "Fix My Lighthome." Those that say it implies this might comprise a fake history to ago up the definition of the word. It may be amutilizing to hear the fake etymology (history) of the term, yet it is intended as a joke and also does not suppose this.

The expression "FML" is so renowned that tright here is a whole website—FMyLife.com—dedicated to individuals who submit horror stories about things that have actually occurred in their resides. Each story is appfinished with "FML."