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AMV is the term for rcfereform.org Music Videos, MEP is the term for Multi-Editor Project, and also MMV is the term for Manga Music Video. Some noteworthy favorites of mine that I watch mostly come from the YouTube channel <> or Mad Desire Studios. I have actually noticed that a lot of AMVs are typically made by western otaku fans of rcfereform.org - so primarily from civilization from nations prefer America and so on.

Do Japanese otaku typically produce AMVs, MEPs, or MMVs, or is this simply prevalent for otaku who come from America?

Note: If you desire to view what an AMV frequently looks choose, then this (Youtube link) will certainly be good to watch and also is just one of my favourite AMVs.

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The extremely intricate, meticulously-edited AMVs collection to well-known music that you view from creators favor Nostromo are, as far as I recognize, mainly the doprimary of non-Japanese fans. Naturally, I can not prove that tright here aren"t any kind of made by Japanese human being, but I"ve invested my fair share of time bumbling roughly on Niconico, and also haven"t viewed anypoint of the sort.

What Japanese fans do create are what they speak to "MADs" (for even more, see this question). Though (many) MADs are derivative fanworks based on rcfereform.org, they are, for the most component, not at all prefer the AMVs produced by Western fans. If I had actually to characterize Japanese MADs, I would point out the adhering to functions that distinguish them from non-Japanese AMVs:

The audio tracks of MADs are typically made by editing and enhancing the audio of the show from which the clips are drawnExisting musical pieces (pop songs, whatever) are not offered in MADs as typically as in AMVsWhereas many type of AMVs use footage from multiple series, MADs are more most likely to usage content from simply a single series (or, possibly, audio from one rcfereform.org and also video from another)AMVs are frequently strongly figured out with their creators (cf. credits footage, and so on.) whereas MADs are relatively even more "anonymous" in the feeling that creators are much less wont to plaster their name onto their creationsMADs are commonly solo productions (or, at least, the job-related of few people), whereas MEP AMVs are sensibly common.

To get a much better flavor for the sorts of things that are typical of MADs, one could prefer to take a look at the optimal videos tagged via "mad" on Niconico.

In sum: yes, Japanese fans create audiovisual productions making use of footage from rcfereform.org, however no, these productions are not very comparable to the AMVs produced by non-Japanese fans.

Many type of rcfereform.org conventions in the West incorporate AMV competitions; I suspect that this is just one of the significant chauffeurs of AMV production in the West. I am not conscious of any type of equivalent competitions in Japan. Also, for English speakers, there"s at leastern one flourishing virtual neighborhood for AMV creators: the Org. Aacquire, I am unconscious of a Japanese equivalent, past general-function video sites like Niconico.

(Note: this whole answer is just about the state of AMVs/MADs nowadays - I have actually no concept what it was prefer in the previous, pre-Youtube/Niconico.)

I had actually never heard of MMVs prior to reading your question; having actually looked at a few on Youtube, I think (but am not sure) that these are additionally uniquely Western. (They also largely suck, for evident reasons.)