Building new relationships are some of life’s the majority of amazing moments, whether it suggests making new friends or finding romance. It have the right to be a little also interesting if you miscommunicate your feelings to the other perkid. What happens if your words obtain misinterpreted? This is actually really common once saying ‘I choose you’ in Spanish.

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So just how execute you say ‘I favor you’ in Spanish, in the correct context? Me gustas and me caes bien are two methods to say I like you in Spanish. But they are not interchangeable. Me gustas has a flirting or romantic connotation. Me caes bien is just how you would certainly expush affection to a frifinish.

When trying to say ‘I favor you’, many type of new and novice Spanish speakers usage me gustas in all the scenarios leading which have the right to lead to a confmaking use of, or worse, an awkward situation for the civilization affiliated.

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Just as you must recognize just how to say ‘I like you’ in Spanish, you should likewise learn exactly how to say ‘I don’t like you’, if you wish to make your feelings or intentions clear. The principle is the same: me gustas for dating and also romantic intentions, and also me caes bien for acquaintances or friends. And as soon as you’re structure your phrase, you just must include one element:

No + me gustas/caes bien

No me caes bien/No me gustas I don’t favor you

Here some widespread examples utilizing this structure

Él / Ella + no + Me + Gusta + Adverb of Quantity (optional)

Ella no me cae muy bien I don’t prefer her exceptionally much

¿Conoces a Andrés? La verdad no me cae bien. Do you recognize Andres? I really don’t like him

Anvarious other way to say ‘I don’t prefer you’ is me caes mal. If you alert, it’s very equivalent to me caes bien. That implies that you will just use this expression for non-romantic objectives.

Me caes mal porque eres grosero I don’t choose you because you’re rude

”Me caes mal’ indicates ‘I don’t choose you’ and it currently has actually an unfavorable connotation so as soon as making use of you don’t should include no.

Wrapping Up

In this short article, we learn that to say ‘I prefer you’ in Spanish, the conmessage will certainly determine which expression you use. This implies that you have actually you think around the context before you say one or the various other. Now you’re a small better all set to talk to friends and your brand-new romantic crushes through me caes bien and also me gustas, respectively.

Key Points

Me gustas is exactly how you tell a perboy you are interested in her or him romantically. It expresses attraction. For a perchild you are dating. Me caes bien expresses friendly affection. It’s a phrase that you would certainly use with a friend or an acquaintance. Me caes mal is the negative form of me caes bien. You don’t have to include ‘no’, otherwise, the interpretation would certainly change. To express exactly how much you choose a perchild use:Me gustas muchoMe caes muy bien / mal

Related Questions

What does me agradas mean? This expression also means I choose you. It’s a more formal variation of me caes bien and also you use it as soon as you want to expush affection. It have the right to likewise be supplied to expush that you are attracted to someone, but me gustas is more straight.