What does maybe mean from a guy

Ok so I went out on a limb and asked a man if we might hook up. I asked if I might come over to his location (I have gone before). He said "maybe". So...is that a really nice way of saying "no" without being mean?


man talk perhaps = no the oppowebsite with girls. girls generally offer us a maybe when they feel shame on giving us right yes.

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Does he have an additional crush? Do you think about yourself attractive?


Sometimes men really should drive things..so instead of introducing your visit as a hook up (which have the right to be a little crude and takes the power away from him) ..why not visit as you typically execute and also simply be easily accessible and also sexy to lust so he feels he is leading points. Tempt him, make him chase a tiny but each time providing in you will certainly arousage his desire. Wear super sexxxy tight tight pants or a brief skirt, touch him, sit through your legs spreview open, just be inviting, and so on This is the method to gain what you desire. If you have done every one of that and he has actually not gone into the chase maybe he is not into woguys or has fallen in love via someone else.

Since you"re not together yet, "maybe" more than likely really does suppose "maybe". Once you"ve been together a while though, you can take his "maybe" as interpretation "I really do not feel like doing whatever before it is you just suggested".

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what was the situation? were you out on the town via a bunch of friends? if something prefer that, i"d take it as him maintaining options open.

I would translate that as a no. Usually if a guy is interested in a girl, they would say yes or if it recorded him off guard, the male would certainly at least try and also reararray a far better time or location. "Maybe" is just as well vague and you do not desire to be maintained hanging favor that.

Ok so I went out on a limb and asked a male if we can hook up. I asked if I might come over to his area (I have actually gone before). He shelp "maybe". So...is that a really nice method of saying "no" without being mean?



So, you aren"t together?


Why not ask him out before going back to his place?


It"s tough to tell what he implies and also I don"t think you"re really letting him recognize what you expect either.

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