What does mantener mean in spanish

What"s the distinction between "guardar" and "mantener"? The English I want to analyze is "Assistance us to store a good sense of humor." The verb to interpret is "keep".


Guardar is keeping somepoint safe, choose maintaining money in your locker. This would be provided in the exact same context as "store".

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Mantener is maintaining somepoint the way it is, choose maintaining your locker clean. This would be provided in the same conmessage as "maintain".

In this context, "keep" is supplied choose "maintain", so a good translation would certainly be:

Ayúdanos a mantener un buen senticarry out del humor.


If you watch the interpretations of guardar and also mantener. I think mantener fits better with your translation acording to the point 3 of its definition.

Conservar algo en su ser, darle vigor y permanencia.

My interpret would certainly be:

Ayúdanos a tener/matener un buen sentiperform del humor



Anvarious other translation I would certainly indicate supplies the verb "Conservar", according to its 3rd interpretation in RAE"s dictionary:

3.tr. Continuar la práctica de costumbres, virtudes y cosas semejantes.

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So, my pointer is as follows:

Ayúdanos a conservar un buen sentido del humor.

Closely concerned the context of the sentence we are managing right here, for instance once you are currently talking around keeping that excellent sense of humor in former paragraphs, then you need to usage de definite post, prefer this:

Ayúdanos a conservar el buen sentido del humor.

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