What does mai mean in japanese

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Mai name was peak ranked at 991 place in Amerihave the right to in the time of year 1983and also a lot of newly ranked at 1809 position in Amerihave the right to during year 2012

Name Mai has actually been Popular throughout the last hundred plus years and also ranked at 3697 place. 5168 numbers of human being were named Mai so much in last 100 years. (SSA)More around rank of Mai

Thesurname Mai is taken from the Sino-Vietnamese character thatmeans “apricot” or “plum”. The name comes from a the Meiclan, that lived in a place that was near a mountain lined with plumtrees.
Personality No.4.People through name Mai love to work & choose orderliness. They are loyal, pragmatic & materialistic but sometimes they might be rude. Human via Mai having 4 as Personality number are adamant & indulge only in time-tested worths. They are figured out, energetic, reputable & scientific. They are cautious & hypersensitive. More Numerology

It drived from-Margaret,The name was borne by Saint Margaret, who was martyred at Antioch in Pisidia under Diocletian. The name was embraced in Scotland in the 11th century, well-known from Saint Margaret of Scotland also, who married Malcolm III, King of Scots.

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I am Thai and also I"m pretty certain "Mai" means new, young, and so on It would be nice to view it in Thai writing

In Vietnamese we usage the word mai to decsribe someone that is LUCKY. Similar words can likewise encompass FORTUNATE

Okay, yea, my name is Mai and also my parental fees told me that it"s acutally a flower and if you put the presettle "tu" in front of it, it implies pretty flower.

Mai has actually even more than one interpretation in Vietnamese language. It means "Tomorrow", "Future", yet is also name of a beautiful freduced happens to blossom in the time of Tet, a Vietnamese brand-new year.My name is Vina, brief for Vietnam!

It"s all about conmessage. Many Vietnamese civilization don"t generally name their babies "tomorrow" or "future", so the substantial majority of Vietnamese girls named "Mai" are usually called for the Ochna Integerrima flower in South VN, or the Prunus mume (plum blossom) in North VN, both of which are called "Mai" even though they have various scientific names. For the perchild who shelp it suggests "lucky", the word is spelled "may", and pronounced quite in different ways than "Mai".

Character Analysis of Mai :Persons with the name Mai, have actually an excellent deal of self-confidence and also are therefore likely to accomplish success. They are primarily work-oriented Persons that have a plan for every little thing they perform. They are disciplined and also have actually a high conventional of honesty, are dependable, serious-minded individuals that must be useful about all that they perform.

Love Life of Mai :Persons are voracious about intimate impulses & desire to try whatever and love liberty in all respects.

M : Persons are a workaholic! A high-power workhorse, Persons don"t need much sleep and are exceptionally healthyA : Persons are their own person: ambitious and freethinkingI : Persons are a compassionate perkid that feels points deeply


Acoording to vedic astrology , Rashi for the name Mai isSimha or Sinhand Moon sign connected via the name Mai is Leo.

The name Mai has Fire aspect. Sun is the Ruling Planet for the name Mai. The name Mai having actually moon sign as Leo is stood for by The Lion and thought about as Fixed .

Generally, world through the name Mai save their assures. They like to live a king size life. Such civilization remain in their limits and are fearmuch less.

Other name choices, having Leo moon authorize are name founding through :Ma, Me, Mu, Mi, Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te, To, Mr, Ta, Ts.

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The name Mai is suitable for baby born in Magha nakshatra

Magha Nakshatra: "The bountiful"

Lord: Ketu (southern lunar node) Symbol : Royal Throne Deity : Pitrs, "The Fathers", household ancestors Indian zodiac: 0° - 13°20" Simha Western zodiac 26° Leo - 9°20" Virgo
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