What does les mean in spanish

Tras años de litigios, en tres semanas, esas monedas de oro y plata estarán en donde les corresponde es decir, en nuestro país.

What does "les" mean? If we don´t usage "les", just how deserve to we recreate the sentence?


"Les" is an individual pronoun that works below as an indirect-object (dative). It refers right here to the coins (monedas).

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"donde les corresponde (estar) = wright here it suits them (to be) = it"s appropiate for/to them (to be)"

In this specific instance, I think that the pronoun could be omitted "estarán donde corresponde" - it actually sounds a little better to me, the meaning is slightly various (the verb "corresponder" refers even more to the case than to the coins: "wright here it"s appropiate") but in this conmessage it"s identical.

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leonboy: I am still puzzled. In "correct for them", isn't "them" is the straight object? If it is the indirect object, who is the direct object? Thanks!
leonboy: Thanks for your explacountry. I think I am a little bit clear currently. Could you please offer me even more similar examples?

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