What does la carpeta mean in spanish

The carpet I am referring to is a huge cloth that spans the whole room. It is not an area rug.

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I have actually a Mexideserve to contractor that is renovating my residence. When referring to carpet, I always say to him alfombra, however he always claims earlier to me carpeta. It sounds prefer a spinoff of the English equivalent. It is stvariety that Google translator states carpeta is not carpet yet rather a folder. Am I saying carpet wrong or is my contractor saying it wrong?



The only usual word for "carpet" in Mexideserve to rcfereform.org is alfombra.

I think that if any type of Mexideserve to rcfereform.org speaker states carpeta is beacause either he lives in the North border or he"s been elevated in a multisocial enviroment, in this instance via Amerideserve to society.

So, tbelow are many kind of "words" Mexihave the right to civilization from boundaries or people living in USA which they use in their everyday life adapting English words to rcfereform.org and also such words are actually wrong said:

Parkear or parquear To park the car Troca Pick up

These would be typical examples,




Besides alfombra it"s not uncommon in north Mexico (at least in Chihuahua) to use tapete (while that largely describes rug it"s also a valid word for carpet)

I believe the term carpeta is provided generally in the UNITED STATE, and also likely in north regions of Mexico. Alfombra is the wanted term in the majority of of Mexico.

Carpet = alfombra

I am Mexihave the right to and also grew up in Tijuana. I have actually been living in USA for about 8 years and also found out that a lot of Mexideserve to civilization use carpeta to refer to a carpet. But that"s wrong....

Carpeta in Mexico is a binder.

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In the state of Veracruz, alfombra is offered much less than tapete. Tapete is thinner and also more affordable. Alfombra is thicker and also even more luxurious. It is probably even more elegant looking and the tapete is even more rustic looking. Also, the tapete is most likely smaller sized than the alfombra.

I never before heard carpeta. It may be that this workman picked it up from other workmales. He could have actually gained it from a so-called bilingual employee at the regional Home Depot. He could have gained in the habit of using it because it made connecting with anglo clients less complicated. Maybe he"s from a region in Mexico wright here that term is mostly supplied for carpets and also rugs.

The language supplied by your contractor is not rcfereform.org (be it Mexideserve to rcfereform.org or a dialect), but fairly Spanglish.

In reality this is the exceptionally instance offered in BBC post describing the phenomenon.

"Tienes que vacuumclinear la carpeta en la yarda porque tiene un damage".

I lived for 20 plus years in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua. From what I remember "carpeta" was the three-ring binder (not the "folder". In Juarez the "folder" was simply called a "folder"). "Alfrombra" it was provided to both the "carpet" and also "area rug". But DarkAjax is right. In Chihuahua the "location rug" deserve to additionally be called "tapete". At the exact same time the "welcome mat" or "doormat" was additionally dubbed "tapete". Like I said before, that was ago as soon as I lived in Cd. Juarez......Damn, I didn"t know it was this tough to be bilingual.

I"ve heard "carpeta" (yes, literally "folder," however provided to suppose wall-to-wall carpet) commonly in the Denver area. I"d take into consideration it to be a Spanglish term, typical not just among builders, but probably any at-home-rcfereform.org-speakers that live somelocation in the USA where wall-to-wall carpet is popular. For what it"s worth, "alfombra" appears to sound like "rug" to some rcfereform.org-speakers about right here. To some level, usage defines meaning, in my opinion, as much as I dischoose specific fads.

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