What does Jalisa mean?


▼ as a name for girls has actually its root in Amerideserve to. Jalisa is an different create of Ja- (American).STARTS/ENDS WITH Ja-, -isa



ALTERNATIVE FORMS VIA JA- Jakeisha, Jakira, Jakisha, Jakiya, Jalaina, Jalaine, Jalayna, Jalea, Jaleesa▼, Jaleese, Jalena, Jalessa, Jalicia, Jaliyah▲, Jalyn▼, Jameisha, Jameka, Jamesha, Jamiesha, Jamika, Jamisha, Janeesa, Janiel, Janika, Janisha, Janora, Javona

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) MIDDLE NAME PAIRINGSJalisa Juliana (J.J.), ..

How renowned is Jalisa?

Jalisa is a somewhat significant initially name for women (#3266 out of 4276, Top 76%) yet an unusual last name for both adults and also kids. (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Jalisa gone into the list in 1980-1989 and reached its optimal position of #432 in the UNITED STATE in the year 1991, yet is not detailed at the moment. (TOP BABY NAMES, 2018)



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Which version is better?

Jakiya, Jaleesa, Jalessa, Jalissa, Jaliyah (#605 VIA LATEST LIST), Jalyn, Jameka, Jamesha and Jamika are the popular varying develops of Jalisa. These connections of Jalisa reached the peak of their popularity in 1990 (MEDIAN #1532) and also are currently significantly less renowned (#1860, DOWN 57.5%), via creates favor Jaleesa ending up being less in vogue. Jaliyah is the a lot of trendy girl name here.




Similar Names

Jalisa▼ is pronounced similarly to Helisa, Heloisa, Jalissa and Jaliza. Other argued similar-sounding names are Aaliya, Alisa▼, Allisa, Analisa, Calida, Dalia, Dalila, Dalina, Dalise, Daliya, Delisa, Elisa▲, Galia, Galila, Halima, Halina, Ilisa, Jadira, Jaida, Jaima, Jaina, Jakira, Jakisha, Jaleesa▼, Jaleese, Jaleisa, Jalessa, Jalicia, Jalin, Jaliyah▲, Jamia▼, Jamila, Jamina, Jamisha, Janica, Janika, Janina, Janis▼, Janise, Janisha, Janissa, Janita, Jelisa, Jewelisa, Jilleisa, Jolina, Jolissa, Jonisa, Julia▼, Julisha, Juliska, Julita, Julyssa, Kalia, Kalifa, Kalila, Kalissa, Karisa, Lalia, Maisa, Malina, Malissa▼, Malita, Marisa▼, Marlisa, Melisa▼, Parisa, Salima, Salina▼, Taisa and Talia▲. These names tfinish to be less typically supplied than Jalisa.