What Does Ing Mean In Spanish

Spanish term or phrase:ing.

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English translation:Engineer
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04:50 May 26, 2004
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Spanish term or phrase: ing.

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Tright here are 2 inquiries in the database around this, however neither suffciently addresses my concern. I have a file in which the title "Ing." comes before 2 names: one name is the rector of a Bolivian university, and also the other is the name of the secretary general of the same university. Clearly on, "Ing." represents "ingeniero." However, as I understand also it, this is regularly a title of courtesy and in some instances "Mr." deserve to be an correct translation. How execute we distinguish in between these cases? Is there a "rule of thumb" for this? Or should one always indevelop the client that the term is ambiguous, and might perhaps suppose that the perboy is a trained engineer? I would certainly appreciate guidance and also advice from translators that have encountered this term in their job-related.
Paul Weideman
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Explanation:This is just how I manage it at leastern. I do most Mexihave the right to files, and also they use most titles. In the glossary you deserve to also uncover my comments on "Licenciado", which requires special treatment. I normally do analyze it and also put it after the name. Normally the record is formal, so I would certainly not dare to omit it. This has Ing. (engineer), Arq. (architect), C.P. (I usage CPA), and also others as well numerous to cite. In papers concerning binationwide connections I commonly leave the title as it is in Spanish, because the USA people reading it should recognize that "Arq. Diego Pérez C." must constantly be so addressed. It looks a bit awkward in English, yet it is a social thing, they are proud of their titles bereason unfortunately in many kind of nations not a really high propercent of the populace has actually one. And of course tbelow are also a couple of that usage them without ever having graduated... Atte. Profr. y Lic. Hinds (yes, you may usage them both!)


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