What does indestructible mean mtg

Darksteel Pevaluation Questions

Q: If a card is indestructible, such as Myr Matrix, deserve to it be targeted by a damage spell such as Disenchant, or is it not a legal target?-- Joshua Eddy

A: You are allowed to target the card with Disenchant, however once it resolves, it will fail to execute anypoint, as the Reactor can"t be damaged. Being indestructible doesn"t make the card untargetable by devastation impacts.

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Q: As much I understand, creatures that are indestructible can"t be destroyed via lethal damage; yet, have the right to damage still be assigned to them? For example, have the right to a 5/5 trampler still trample over a 2/2 indestructible blocker? Can a creature equipped via the Sword of Kaldra remove and indestructible creature from the game? Can a Horned Cheetah blocking or blocked by an indestructible creature still get its controller life?

A: The answer is “yes” to all your questions. Being indestructible simply means that the card can not be damaged, and also none of the points you cite depfinish on the card being destroyed.

When assigning trample damages, you just take into consideration the toughness of the creature and damages the creature has actually already taken or damages that is assigned in the very same combat action – damages prevention, defense and also indestructible are not considered below.

Sword of Kaldra gets rid of the creature directly from the game. If the creature isn"t ruined from the damage, the Sword"s ability will remove it from the game.

Horned Cheetah provides you life equal to the amount of damages the Cheetah deals to the other creature. The damage is still dealt to the indestructible creature, it simply fails to damage it.

Q: After I read the meaning of Indestructible it made me think earlier to the days of the card Crumble. My copy states “bury” rather than destroy. It sindicate sends out a artitruth to the graveyard without the opportunity of renewal. Would this work-related on an "indestructible" artifact? If so, are tright here any type of legal cards that bury artifacts or permanents in general?

A: The keyword “bury” has been removed, and any cards that say “bury” currently claims “ruin without the possibility of regeneration” in the Oracle, and also given that this is still a destroy-result, it will still fail to damage the indestructible artireality.

Mirrodin Questions


Q: I have 2 Psychogenic Probes in play. When I play Reminisce to a tarobtain player, does he lose 4 life?-- Jovan Latag

A: Yes, he does. Each Psychogenic Probe has actually a prompted ability (beginning via the word “when”) that looks for a problem to trigger. Both the Probes watch that the library is shuffled, and go on the stack independently. Each will certainly cause the player to lose 2 life on resolution.

Q: If there"s a March of the Machines in play , will certainly Isochron Scepter retain its capability of copying a spell impublished on it?-- Adriano Ferreira

A: Yes, it does. March of the Machines renders all noncreature artefacts artifact creatures, but does not say that it takes their abilities away, so nopoint happens to the artefacts, except that they are now creatures also. March of the Machines works in a different way from Titania"s Song, a similar card that particularly says that the artifacts shed their abilities.


Q: I have a Clockoccupational Condor in play, via 2 counters, and also I attack, dealing 2 damages to my enemy. He responds in the time of damage managing his Spikeshot Goblin, dealing 1 damages to my Condor. Does my Condor die at end of combat as soon as it loses the respond to, or does damages solve prior to end of combat, and then it loses a counter, and the Condor lives?-- Scott McMahon

A: The Condor dies at the finish of combat, as it will be a 1/1 creature via 1 suggest of damages on it. Damage on a creature remains until the cleanup action at the exceptionally finish of the turn. The game checks if a creature has actually lethal damages (damage at equal to or greater than its toughness) eextremely time a player gets priority, not simply once the damages resolves. See the rules for state-based results in area 420 of the Comprehensive Rulebook.

Q: When I play a Dross Harvester, will I lose 4 life only in the initially turn or will I lose 4 life every turn while it is in play?

A: You will lose 4 life at the finish of each rotate. The Harvester has a prompted capacity (beginning through “at”) that triggers at the finish of each of your transforms, not just the rotate it came into play.

Q: My oppenent is at 0 life, yet is being preserved alive by a Platinum Angel he controls. During my rotate, I play a Proteus Staff and activate it targeting the Angel. The Angel leaves play and also is put on the bottom of his library, however the card he reveals out of his library and puts right into play from the Staff"s effect is one more Platinum Angel. Does my adversary die at any kind of suggest from having actually 0 life?-- Greg Burkett

A: No, he doesn"t. The game does not inspect for state-based results such as dying from having zero life or less during the resolution of a spell or capacity, and also in this situation, acquiring the second Angel right into play prior to the ability has finished resolving will certainly save you alive the next time the game checks your life full.

Older/General Card Questions

Q: Does a land also gain a sub-form for eextremely shade of mana it deserve to create, such as City of Brass, for the functions of landwalking?-- Dan Carr

A: No, it doesn"t. A land"s subtype (its "land also type") is listed after a lengthy dash on the land"s type line (under the picture). It deserve to also get subkinds from various effects from spells and also abilities. Having a straightforward land also kind provides the land able to tap for the equivalent color of mana, all lands with the type “swamp” have the right to tap for black mana, however the reverse is not true – not all lands that tap for babsence mana are Swamps.

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Q: In a current question, you sassist that snow-covered lands are fundamental lands. Does this mean that via ten lands in play, among each basic and among each snow-covered, that Allied Strategies would let me draw 10 cards?(Dan Hoffman)

A: No, it does not. Snow-spanned is simply a keyword some impacts look for, it"s not a form of its very own. For instance, a snow-extended swamp only has actually the land also type swamp, and the home snow-spanned. There are just five fundamental land kinds in the game (woodland, island, hill, levels and swamp).

Q: You play Global Ruin and your enemy has both nonstandard and standard lands in play. Would it kill all however one of each standard land, and also ALL of the nonfundamental lands, since nonstandard lands can not be preferred as a land form to save? Will it kill legendary lands choose Gaea"s Cradle as well?

A: Each player can select one land also of each fundamental land also kind to conserve, and the rest will certainly be ruined, and given that many nonbasic lands, consisting of legendary ones, don"t have actually a basic land also kind (woodland, island also, hill, plains and swamp), you will not be able to save them.Note that the original dual lands, choose Taiga, have 2 basic land types, so you deserve to save them if you pick any of them for your standard land also type.


Q: If I usage Last Rites to make my adversary discard a Circular Logic which has actually Madness ability, have the right to my enemy usage that Madness capability in Circular Logic to counter spell my Last Rites?-- Adila Alfa Krisnadhi

A: No, he can not. Last Rites reasons the discard as soon as it resolves, and at this time, it"s also late to counter it given that it has actually currently started resolving. The madness-motivated ability will not go on the stack until after Last Rites has refixed, too late to respond to it.

Q: I was wondering about the interactivity between Masticore and also Swords to Plowshares. Since the Swords isn"t a destruction impact, as it does not say "destroy", wouldn"t Masticore obtain rerelocated from the game without ever having actually the chance to regenerate?-- Christopher Chan

A: This is true. Regeneration just works if the irreversible is ruined, it relocations a devastation with “being rerelocated from combat, removing all damages from it and tapping it”. It"s not possible to regenerate from being removed from the game. The rules for regeneration have the right to be uncovered in section 419.6b in the Comprehensive Rulebook.

Q: I have actually a question around the card Ensnaring Bridge, and also just how it interacts with attackers that are influenced by other creatures, particularly the Goblin Piledriver. If I have two cards in hand also, deserve to my foe declare an strike through the Piledriver and one various other Goblin?-- Mark Douglas

A: Yes, he deserve to. Goblin Piledriver"s capability is motivated, and triggers only once it has legally been claimed as an attacker. When the game checks for legal attacks, the Piledriver"s power is just 1, and also it is enabled to assault. After that, the capacity goes on the stack, and will certainly boost its power. The game just checks for legal attackers right as they are being claimed, when a creature is legally attacking, Ensnaring Bridge can not affect it anymore.

Q: My adversary cast a Urza"s Rage (without kicker) targeting me, and I respond via a Mana Drain. I will take 3 damages considering that the spell is not countered, yet will certainly I gain 3 colormuch less mana next main phase?-- Michel Leduc St-Arnaud

A: You gain the 3 mana. Mana Drain has 2 results, countering the spell and giving you mana. Urza"s Rage is a legal target for Mana Drain, so Mana Drain resolves. It stops working to counter the spell, but you still gain the mana, because the 2 impacts are independent of each other, and also the spell will still percreate it"s various other effects also if one of them doesn"t apply.

Q: I have actually a Library of Alexandria out, 6 cards in my hand also, and I"m illustration 3 cards from Genealogical Recall. Can I tap the Library in response to me drawing the second card?

A: No, you can"t. You can"t play any spells or abilities in the time of the resolution of another spell, so you have to wait till the Genealogical Recall has refixed prior to you deserve to execute anything, and also then you will have actually 9 cards in your hand also, and also can"t activate it.

Q: I have actually a Zur"s Weirding in play, and also I actors something favor Ancestral Recall that lets me attract multiple cards. Do I reveal the first card, enable my adversaries to choose if they want to pay 2 life, and then proceed to the second card? Or are they permitted to view all three cards at as soon as and pick which one(s) they want me to discard?

A: When you are instructed to draw multiple cards, they are attracted one at a time. With Zur"s Weirding in play, you expose the cards one at a time, and also your opponents should pick if they desire to pay to put the revealed card in the graveyard prior to the next card is revealed, and also if they pass on paying for a card, they do not obtain the possibility to pay for it later.

Q: Same scenario, but through Prosperity instead. Do they view the cards they draw before they make their choice? Or perform we each draw one card at a time, we each select, and also so forth.-- Dave Pression

A: With Prosperity, cards are still drawn one at a time, yet all players attract their first card at the exact same time. With Zur"s Weirding in play, the following actions happen:

Each player reveals the top card of his or her library.The active player chooses whether or not to pay 2 life for each card.The non-active player chooses whether or not to pay 2 life for each card.Both players move the revealed card to their hand or graveyard (depending on if life was passist for that card).Repeat the over until X is reached

Q: Are the promo foil cards that are provided amethod at Friday Night rcfereform.org, Arena Organization, and also the rcfereform.org Player Rewards program tournament legal?-- Jeff LaRue

A: Yes, they are. They have actually black borders and also the constant card ago as continuous cards, and are fully legal for tournament play in any format the card is permitted in.

Q: How does Time Spiral let you untap your opponent"s lands, choose it shelp in Card of the Day a few days ago?

A: Time Spiral"s impact states that “you untap approximately 6 lands”. This result does not say that you have to untap only your lands. The result is not targeted, you ssuggest choose up to 6 lands in play and also untap them.