1  adv You use much to indicate the excellent intensity, level, or level of somepoint such as an activity, feeling, or change. Much is commonly used through `so", `too", and `very", and in negative clasupplies through this definition. ADV after v She laughs too a lot..., Thank you very much..., My hairstyle hasn"t adjusted a lot considering that I was 5.  

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2  adv 
If somepoint does not occur much, it does not take place very often. oft with brd-neg, ADV after v (=often) He shelp that his father never talked a lot about the war..., Gwen had not checked out her Daddy all that a lot, because mainly he operated on the ships..., Do you gain back East much?  
3  adv 
You use a lot in front of `too" or comparative adjectives and also adverbs in order to emphadimension that tbelow is a large amount of a details high quality. ADV compar, ADV too  (emphasis) (=far) The skin is much too vulnerable..., You"d be so a lot happier if you could watch yourself the way I check out you...  
4  adv 
If one thing is a lot the exact same as an additional point, it is exceptionally similar to it. ADV as/favor cl, ADV choose n, ADV n as n, ADV n The day finished much as it started..., Sheep"s milk is produced in a lot the exact same way as goat"s milk.  
5  det 
You use a lot to indicate that you are referring to a huge amount of a substance or point. DET n-uncount, oft through brd-neg They are grown on the hillsides in full sunlight, without much water..., The Home Office acknowledges that a lot crime goes unreported...    Much is likewise a pronoun., pron  (Antonym: little) ...eating also much and drinking as well a lot..., Tbelow was so much to talk about.    Much is additionally a quantifier., quant QUANT of def-n-uncount/def-sing-n Much of the time we do not notice that we are addressing problems..., She does a lot of her job-related abroad...  
6  adv 
You usage much in expressions such as not a lot, not very a lot, and also also a lot as soon as replying to concerns around amounts. ADV as reply `Can you hear it wbelow you live?" He shook his head. `Not much."..., `Do you treatment exceptionally much around what various other world think?"—`Too a lot."  
7  quant 
If you perform not check out a lot of someone, you do not view them very often. with brd-neg, QUANT of n-proper/pron I don"t check out a lot of Tony nowadays...  
8  det 
You use a lot in the expression how a lot to ask concerns about amounts or degrees, and likewise in reported clauses and also statements to offer indevelopment around the amount or level of something. how DET How a lot money can I afford?..., See simply exactly how a lot fat and also cholesterol you"re eating...    Much is also an adverb., adv just how ADV, ADV with cl, ADV compar She knows exactly how a lot this upsets me however she persists in doing it...    Much is additionally a pronoun., pron how PRON How a lot do you earn?...  
9  det 
You use a lot in the expression as much when you are comparing quantities. as DET n, usu as DET n as cl/group Their aim will certainly be to develop as much milk as possible...  
10  phrase 
You usage a lot regarding present a reality which makes something else you have just sassist or will certainly say fairly surprising. Much as they hope to go home tomorrow, they"re resigned to staying on till the finish of the year.  
11 You use as a lot in expressions such as `I believed as much" and `I guessed as much" after you have simply been told something and also you want to say that you currently believed or intended it to be true. ♦as much 
 phrase v PHR You"re waiting for a womanI believed as much.  
12 You usage as much as prior to an amount to suggest that it is surprisingly huge. ♦as much as 
 phrase PHR amount  (emphasis) The organisers hope to raise as a lot as £6m for charity.  
13 You use much less after a statement, often a negative one, to indicate that the statement is even more true of the person, point, or instance that you are going to mention following. ♦a lot less  phrase PHR cl/team, PHR prior to v They are always short of water to drink, much much less to bathe in...  

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14 You say nopoint a lot to describe somepoint that is not exceptionally exciting or necessary. ♦nothing much 
 phrase `What was stolen?"—`Oh, nopoint much."...  
15 If you describe somepoint as not a lot of a certain type of thing, you expect that it is little or of bad quality. ♦not a lot of a 
 phrase PHR n It hasn"t been much of a holiday...  
16 So a lot for is offered to indicate that you have finished talking about a subject. SPOKEN ♦so a lot for 
 phrase PHR n Well, so much for the producers. But what of the consumers?  
17 If you say so much for a particular thing, you expect that it has not prospered or advantageous. INFORMAL ♦so much for 
 phrase PHR n He has invested 19 million pounds, lost three cup finals and been relegated. So a lot for money.  
18 If you say that something is not so much one point as an additional, you mean that it is more favor the second thing than the initially. ♦not so much 
 phrase through brd-neg, PHR team, PHR before v I don"t really think of her as a daughter so a lot as a very great frifinish...  
19 If you say that someone did not execute so a lot as perdevelop a particular action, you are emphasizing that they did not also perform that, once you were expecting them to execute even more. ♦so a lot as 
 phrase with brd-neg, PHR before v  (emphasis) I didn"t so much as capture sight of him all day lengthy...  
20 You use so much so to suggest that your previous statement is true to a very good extent, and therefore it has the result pointed out. ♦so much so  phrase PHR that He himself believed in flexibility, so a lot so that he would quite die than live without it.  
21 If a situation or activity is also muchfor you, it is so challenging, tiring, or upestablishing that you cannot cope through it. ♦as well much 
 phrase v-attach PHR, oft PHR for n His incapacity to remain at one job for long had actually lastly verified too much for her.  
22 You usage very much to emphasize that someone or something has actually many a details high quality, or that the summary you are about to offer is especially accurate. ♦exceptionally much 
 phrase oft PHR n  (emphasis) ...a male exceptionally much in charge of himself...  
much-  Much- combines via past participles to create adjectives which emphadimension the intensity of the stated state or action.  comb in adj  (emphasis) I"m having a much-necessary rest., ...a much-improved version of last season"s model.  
 If you describe someone or somepoint as much-maligned, you expect that they are regularly criticized by world, however you think the criticism is unfair or exaggerated because they have great attributes as well.  adj usu ADJ n I"m happy for James. He"s a much-maligned player however has actually incredible soul.  
 in AM, usage much-traveled  A much-took a trip perchild has actually travelled a lot in international nations.  adj (=well-travelled) 

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