As I"ve heard many kind of people say "I feel you" without sexual connotation. But I am a little uncomfortable to say that. When do you frequently use it?Do indigenous speakers frequently usage it?


It"s extremely much slang. The perboy is trying to show empathy with the person or confirm agreement.

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It can be interpreted as "I am knowledge and feeling the same emotions as you", or simply "I understand also and also agree".

For the Sci-Fi nerds, it"s a more casual variation of Avatar"s "I check out you".


It implies they understand you. Anvarious other comparable, but much less awkward sounding expression that would certainly acquire the same interpretation across would certainly be

I gain you.

But their isn"t a reason behind those, it"s just slang.

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"I"m sorry," is usually correct when you are mirroring empathy over some misfortune, regardless of the level of formality. In this case, it"s not an expression of guilt; it expresses that you wish the misfortune hadn"t arisen.


It is common to say, "I feel for you" to expect, "I sympathize with your problem".

I do not respeak to ever hearing someone say "I feel you" to expect anything various other than "I am touching you" (via some component of my body). It can be sexual, however not necessarily. Like if two world were stumbling approximately in a dark room, one could say, "Oh, I feel your foot" or some such.

I can imagine someone making use of the phrase choose in Stangdon"s comment, "Hey, I feel you, guy." It intuitively provides sense to me, yet I do not respeak to ever before hearing someone say that.


This is used pretty often, and also basically implies "I agree via you". It has actually nopoint to perform via sex, so don"t use it in those scenarios. Just one more among those weird English phrases that recorded on.

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