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(HED) P.E.

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will certainly release its twelfth studio album, "Class Of 2020", on August 21 by means of Subcity Noize Records. The date also synchronizes through the 20th anniversary of the group"s breakthrough LP, "Broke".

On "Class Of 2020", (HED) P.E. gets ago to the raw essentials, utilizing old-college punk-rock guitar tones and also aggressive, unfiltered vocal stylings at the core of their trademark sound. Longtime fans will certainly uncover that "Class Of 2020" is a go back to the classic sound of early (HED) P.E. albums.

"We were on the road in the middle of a tour when the COVID-19 pandemic hit full force," comments frontguy Jared Gomes. "Like everyone else on the planet, we were challenged via some unmatched obstacles. As a little business owner of an independent band, I was challenged with a secondary set of difficulties through the tour being canceled and also making it earlier residence from Rhode Island also to Idaho. When I got residence, I automatically got motivated creatively and hit the studio to smash out this document. For this one, we took it all back to our roots through a back-to-basics method to try and also capture that true G-Punk sound of our previously albums."

In an effort to carry "Class Of 2020" roughly complete circle and also affix it through (HED) P.E."s outstanding earlier brochure, the album cover is an homage to the group"s breakwith album "Broke", which celebrates its 20th anniversary a day after the new studio album is released. While planning to the milestone anniversary for (HED) P.E., Jared had the ability to connect with previous members DJ Product and also original guitarist Chad actually "Chizad" Benekos and also rekindle their creative flame. DJ Product produced artwork for the "Class Of 2020" album and included his trademark scratching over some tracks, while original (HED) P.E.

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guitarist Chizad blessed the band through a blazing solo on "Greedy Girl". The unholy union that many fans never thought possible came together to attach the past and also current incarcountries of (HED) P.E. and also to improve "Class Of 2020" in a meaningful method.

When pointing out the album, Gomes talks around the moniker "Class Of 2020" having dual interpretation for him and the band also. "I had the title "Class Of 2020" as a functioning title for some time now," he describes. "We had actually made hoodies via the "Class Of 2020" on them, yet it was initially intfinished to be a statement about the band also being here twenty years later. A totality brand-new course of (HED) P.E., so to sheight. Once the pandemic damaged out, this title took on a brand-new profound interpretation. The Class Of 2020 never really graduated. The Class Of 2020 will go down in history for several various factors."

(HED) P.E. is the pioneer of the G-Punk sound, which foffers together punk-rock, steel, hip-hop and also reggae. The band has toured the people for 20 years sharing the phase via the likes of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, KORN, TECH N9NE, TOOL and the original BLACK SABBATH on the iconic Ozzfest tour. (HED) P.E. knowledgeable a creative revival after signing with Submetropolitan Noize Records in the early 2000s and was crucial in emerging the booming underground scene.

"Class Of 2020" track listing:

01. First Blood02. Watch It Burn03. No Days Off04. Death Awaits05. Last Call06. Ole Time Sake07. Greedy Girl08. Nopoint Lasts 4ever (The Ballad of C19)09. We The People10. Overdue


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