Click to see full answer. Keeping this in consideration, what does ornery mean in the outsiders?

gallant. having actually or displaying great dignity or nobility. ornery. having a challenging and also contrary displace.

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Furthermore, what does reformatory intend in the outsiders? Reformatory. Definition. a correctional college for the detention, self-control, and training of young or first-time offenders or lawbreakers; a reform school. Term.

In this means, what does contemptuously mean in the outsiders?

contemptuously. without respect; in a disdainful manner. smoldering. mirroring scarcely suppressed anger.

Who is gallant in the outsiders?

"Gallant" likewise implies "having or displaying excellent dignity or nobility" and also "being attentive to woguys like a suitable knight"--all three definitions fit. In this instance sentence, the emphasis is on braextremely. But Johnny was also impressed via the Southern gentlemen"s manners and charms.

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What do they contact a gun in the outsiders?

Police. Heater. Gun. Broad. A term for a woman, generally offensive.
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What perform they call cigarettes in the outsiders?

weed a cigar or cigarette.
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What is a dumbfounded?

dumbfounded. When you"re dumbfounded, you"re amazed. Being dumbfounded is an extreme form of being surprised or caught off guard. Being dumbfounded is not somepoint that happens eextremely day: this is a word that implies something comparable to astonimelted and also gobsmacked. Only things that are extrasimple have the right to dumbfound you.
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Are ponyboy and sodapop nicknames?

No the names Pony boy and also Soda pop are not nicknames they are they"re real name because once they are at the movies with Cherry and also Marcia they ask if Pony boy is his actual name and also he shelp it was and that it said Soda pop on Soda pop"s birth certificate.
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What does aloofness mean?

Aloofness is a noun meaning a state of being distant, remote, or withattracted. Someone mirroring aloofness could be shy, or just really does not desire to be roughly human being. Aloofness is from the adjective aloof — initially a nautical term.
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What are some slang words in the outsiders?

The Outsiders slang term
Socials The affluent youngsters on the east side
Greasers The poor kids on the west side
Heater A gun
Weed Cigarette

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What carry out you intend by savvy?

: having or reflecting perception, understanding, or shrewdness particularly in practical matters. savvy. noun.

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What does chips are down mean in the outsiders?

If you say that somepoint happens once the chips are down, you mean it happens as soon as a instance gets extremely difficult. When the chips are down, she"s very hard.
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What is the synonym of contemptuous?

Synonyms of "contemptuous"
scornful. a scornful smile. insulting. One of the employees made an insulting renote to a supervisor. arrogant. an air of arrogant indistinction. withering. cavalier. He has constantly had actually a cavalier mindset towards various other people"s feelings. condescending. haughty. disdainful.
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What is a contempt?

noun. the feeling with which a perboy regards anything thought about mean, vile, or worthless; disdain; scorn. the state of being despised; dishonor; disgrace. Law. willful disobedience to or open disrespect for the rules or orders of a court (contempt of court) or legislative body.
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What is scornful?

Scornfully is identified as somepoint done without respect, or something done reflecting displeasure. If you look at someone via raised eyebrows to show your displeasure and disrespect, this is an instance of as soon as you gazescornfully at the perkid.
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What does savvy intend in outsiders?

"Savvy" is supplied below as a question that indicates the exact same as "you dig?" As a noun, it means "prevalent sense" and also as an adjective, it indicates "having prevalent sense." So a savvy perboy has actually savvy, savvy? “Listen, kidexecute, as soon as Darry hollers at you he do not mean nothin". He"s simply acquired more concerns than somebody his age ought to.
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Who passed away in outsiders?

At the rumble, the greasers defeat the Socs. Dally reflects up simply in time for the fight; he has escaped from the hospital. After the fight, Ponyboy and also Dally hurry back to see Johnny and find that he is dying. When Johnny dies, Dally loses control and also runs from the room in a frenzy.
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What gift does Johnny ponyboy?

Summary: Chapter 5
The next morning, Ponyboy wakes in the church and also finds a note from Johnny saying that he has gotten in tvery own to gain offers. When Johnny retransforms, he brings a week"s supply of baloney and cigarettes, and a paperago copy of Gone via the Wind, which he desires Ponyboy to read to him.
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Who is spying on the SOCS for the greasers?

That Cherry Valance is acting as a spy for the greasers shocks Ponyboy and also Johnny, but then they learn that Bob, the dead Soc, had been her boyfrifinish. Dally increates them that Cherry has actually said that she is willing to testify that the Socs were drunk that night and that Johnny acted just in self-defense.
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Why is cherry helping the greasers?

Cherry helps the Greasers for a couple of reasons. She does not think the fighting is best, and also wants the fighting to sheight. Secondly, she has actually a huge crush on Dally. Her feelings for Dally motivate her to perform what she have the right to for the Greasers.
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How did dally die gallantly?

Dally did not die gallantly. He committed was is known this particular day as "suicide by cop." It"s a genuine instance, and that"s what Dally made a decision. He might of stood up, faced whatever before aftermath he had coming for his negative options, and then rather possibly gone on to make something of his life. He made a decision not to perform this.
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What is a blasted pansy?

a timid guy or boy considered childish or unassertive. I looked choose a blasted pansy.
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