What does like a boss mean?

To execute somepoint prefer a boss is to do it through stylish confidence or authority. This can be used, tongue in cheek, even to fairly mundane work.

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The word boss, obtained from the Dutch, has actually been with Amerihave the right to English language considering that the mid-1600s. Boss has actually long intended, and proceeds to mean, a “perkid in charge,” particularly used, of course, in skilled conmessages. Boss has actually also long been a slang term for “excellent,” via evidence getting to ago to the 1880s. Boss took off, though, as a youth slang term for “superlative” and the choose (“That brand-new song is boss”) in the 1960s.

To execute something choose a boss, or “through a swaggering ability,” then, plays with both senses of the word: the traditional one (doing something with authority) and the slang one (and doing it incredibly well). The colloquial expression shows up to have actually originated in hip-hop.

Ice Cube’s 1993 song “Really Doe” may be among the earliest recorded supplies of the expression. On that track, Ice Cube raps: “Out prefer a boss, via a half-pint of sauce / Got the shit sewed up favor Betsy Ross.” Rappers Das EFX and Goodie Mob also supplied the line like a boss in 1995 and also 1999 tracks, respectively. In 2001, Houston rapper, Slim Thug proasserted “I’m the boss, as soon as I’m flossing my Boss like a boss,” (the Boss he’s flossing, or mirroring off, perhaps refers to a car, the Boss Mustang) on a participation with fellow Houston rapper E.S.G. titled “I’m the Boss.” Slim Thug went on to record a track dubbed “Like a Boss” in 2005, featuring the rapper listing all the points he does like a boss in a call-and-response style. This motivated a viral video and also song by Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg, which significantly popularized the phrase.

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Andy Samberg’s comedy music team, The Lonely Island, parodied Slim Thug’s rap on their own song “Like a Boss” in 2009. The song was released on their album Incredinegative in February, through a video starring Samberg and Seth Rogan which debuted on Saturday Night Live that April.

In the video, Samberg plays an office manager receiving his evaluation from a remarkable played by Rogan. Samberg starts by describing normal managerial duties, favor calling his corporate office and providing memos (repetitively interjected with prefer a boss), however then moves on to describing a failed attempt to hit on an employee, a downward spiral of self-destructive actions, and also ultimately, absurd actions prefer turning right into a jet and also flying into the sun.

Google searches for like a boss spiked in April 2009, reflecting a surge of interest in the expression complying with the SNL sketch. That June, a webwebsite, instantboss.org, that plays the favor a boss refrain from the sketch, appeared.

The hashtag #likeaboss started to appear on Twitter in February 2009, complying with the release of Incredipoor, and also is still being offered to brag and also to celebrate small victories. Like a boss is additionally provided as a picture inscription in memes, especially on photos of civilization or characters acting confident, like a dog reclining in an office chair or Disney’s Pinocchio smoking cigarettes a cigar.