This is driving me nuts. I have actually a vehicle passed down to us from the original owner in the family. I checked out sell it and ideal before purchase the person sassist no because the title has M standing beside mileage. I'm particular there's nothing wrong with the auto in regards to mileage. No one played via it. I'm searching favor crazy and also no one knows what that implies. It's a Honda Accord 2000. Some are saying that happens in a 5 digit odometer. There's no way it exceeded some sort of rollover limit, bereason appropriate now the miles are in the 6 digits. What in the people does this standing mean?

Screenswarm if title: http://imgur.com/a/CqkWC


I you have actually a odometer that only has 5 areas for numbers the highest mileage it deserve to record is 99,999. SO as soon as it goes previous 99,999 it goes back to 00,000 at that allude it has actually exceeded it's mechanical capability to record specific mileage. SO that phase is simply a warning to future buyers that the state cannot recognize what the mileage is with any certainty. WIth 30K showing it could be 130K or can be 330K no one knows, so buyer be ware.

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In your situation of it showing all 6 digits indicates at once someone discovered it less complicated simply to check the "cant review odometer" box at a titling or registration event. Could be the vehicle was dead and the might not lug up the mileage. SOmeone simply obtained lazy.

Good answer too for OP. I forgot around that being feasible. (Eextremely vehicle I have actually ever before owned is mechanical gauge not digital).

But that would carry out that? When you go to create the title no one checks your auto... This was owned by one perboy in the household and also passed dvery own to the daughter. No other owners.

It means precisely what it indicates. Whether or not you kbrand-new of it, at some allude the odometer was tampered through or showed up to be. Maybe the vehicle was rebuilt. Maybe the odometer/instrument cluster was reput. Either method that was put on the title to warn whoever buys it or owns it following that the mileage reflected on the odometer could not be what is actually on the chassis itself.

The automobile was purchased by someone in the household and simply provided to the daughter. I can't understand how this might be. Also when you go to develop the title no one checks your car to see if the odometer was tampered via. Who puts that status on there? Also there's a different condition for what you're pointing out. This condition reads, exceeds "mechanical limit"

That normally uses to older vehicles who's odometers don't go over 99,999.99 miles. It could likewise intend the odometer was replaced at some allude and also the displayed mileage could not be correct. IIRC the real mileage is stored on the major computer system in that honda and have to be available by a mechanic.

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Your 2000 Honda Accord must have the ability to display approximately 999,999 miles. With that being the instance, this shows up after a discrepancy. If you were to look at the history you will certainly many most likely check out somepoint like:

12 miles

500 miles

12000 miles

48000 miles

42000 miles

60500 miles

Once someone documents something wrong, it puts this code on it.

Someone choose myself would certainly not give two shits or a fuck. This is one of those "red flags" world are told to protect against though. Leads them to think you may have actually turned the odometer ago like 50,000 miles or somepoint to sell the vehicle via much less miles.

While a mistake during registration is the most widespread reason for this, the second the majority of common isn't that it would certainly have been rolled ago. It's more likely the instrument cluster failed and was replaced through a supplied part at some allude, for this reason bring about the mileage going "backward," so to stop.

Right. I can't understand also how it can have actually this condition and also no one appears to remember why it would certainly be tright here. Initial owner offered the automobile to the daughter. That condition is silly and pointless. But I would certainly love to number this out given that buyers seem to throw a huge hoopla as if my title is fake bereason of this condition. Wtf does it matter. But I have actually a feeling possibly once the title was developed someone ticked a wrong checkbox or something

The government doesn't really care around mileage after 10 years so it's likely that at some suggest it was registered by someone who didn't have actually the mileage or didn't care if it was registered via an exact mileage so they just noted it over the limit. Obviously it isn't really over the limit but it might be that it's not exact. Big picture nobody cares unless the auto was additional low mileage. If that was the instance it would be nice to have the exact mileage on the title.

What's weird is that I'm not sure exactly how that have the right to be because the mileage number is on the title.