Spanish Verb ENCONTRAR: to uncover

The Spanish verb encontrar implies "to uncover " and is an ircontinual Spanish AR verb.

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To remember this, imagine Dr Livingrock saying to Stanley after being found in the jungles of Africa, "ON the CONTRARY I am happy to be found ...!" Encontrar transforms the stem in the Present out, Present Subjunctive and also Imperative tenses. During December a new ircontinual -AR verb is featured each day to allow you to consolidate an irconsistent AR verb family members. You will certainly learn other verbs through similar fads such as acostar, tronar, tostar, probar, and also others.I find that the fastest and easiest means to learn and also REMEMBER new Spanish words is via memory create cartoon pictures. It renders them harder to forget.Read on, listed below the ENCONTRAR verb table... to find: encontrarImagine Dr Livingstone saying to Stanley after being found in the jungles of Africa, "ON the CONTRARY,I am happy to be uncovered...!"VERB CONJUGATION TABLE encontrarSimple Tenses encontrarTENSEyoél, ella, ustednosotrosvosotrosellos, ellas, ustedesPresentPresentefindencuentroencuentrasencuentraencontramosencontráisencuentranImperfectImperfectofoundencontrabaencontrabasencontrabaencontrábamosencontrabaisencontrabanPreteritPretéritofoundencontréencontrasteencontróencontramosencontrasteisencontraronFutureFuturowill findencontraréencontrarásencontraráencontraremosencontraréisencontraránConditionalCondicionalwould findencontraríaencontraríasencontraríaencontraríamosencontraríaisencontraríanSubjunctiveSubjuntivomight findencuentreencuentresencuentreencontremosencontréisencuentrenImperfect SubjunctiveImperfecto de Subjuntivomight findencontraraencontrarasencontraraencontráramosencontraraisencontraranencontraseencontrasesencontraseencontrásemosencontraseisencontrasenImperative Tenses encontrarImperativeImperativofind!¡encuentra!¡encuentre!¡encontremos!¡encontrad!¡encuentren!Negative ImperativeImperativo Negativodo not find!¡no encuentres!¡no encuentre!¡no encontremos!¡no encontréis!¡no encuentren!Compound Tenses encontrar - Past Participle encontrado - foundPresent PerfectPerfecto de Indicativohave foundhe encontradohas actually encontradoha encontradohemos encontradohabéis encontradohan encontradoPreterit PerfectPretérito Anteriorhad foundhube encontradohubiste encontradohubo encontradohubimos encontradohubisteis encontradohubieron encontradoPast PerfectPluscuamperfectohad actually foundhabía encontradohabías encontradohabía encontradohabíamos encontradohabíais encontradohabían encontradoPresent out Perfect SubjunctivePresente perfectohave actually foundhaya encontradohayas encontradohaya encontradohayamos encontradohayáis encontradohayan encontradoFuture PerfectFuturo Perfectowill have foundhabré encontradohabrás encontradohabrá encontradohabremos encontradohabréis encontradohabrán encontradoConditional PerfectCondicional Perfectowould certainly have foundhabría encontradohabrías encontradohabría encontradohabríamos encontradohabríais encontradohabrían encontradoPluperfectPluscuamperfectomay have actually foundhubiera encontradohubieras encontradohubiera encontradohubiéramos encontradohubierais encontradohubieran encontradohubiese encontradohubieses encontradohubiese encontradohubiésemos encontradohubieseis encontradohubiesen encontradoProgressive Tenses: Present Participle encontrando - findingPresent ProgressivePresente Progressivoam findingestoy encontrandoestás encontrandoestá encontrandoestamos encontrandoestá encontrandoestán encontrandoPreterit ProgressivePretéritowas findingestuve encontrandoestuviste encontrandoestuvo encontrandoestuvimos encontrandoestuvisteis encontrandoestuvieron encontrandoImperfect ProgressiveImperfectohad actually been findingestaba encontrandoestabas encontrandoestaba encontrandoestábamos encontrandoestabais encontrandoestaban encontrandoFuture ProgressiveFuturo Perfectowill certainly be findingestaré encontrandoestarás encontrandoestará encontrandoestaremos encontrandoestaréis encontrandoestarán encontrandoConditional ProgressiveCondicional perfectowould"ve been findingestaría encontrandoestarías encontrandoestabría encontrandoestaríamos encontrandoestaríais encontrandoestarían encontrandoSubjunctive ProgressiveSubjuntivomay"ve been findingque ~ encontrandoque ~ encontrandoque ~ encontrandoque ~ encontrandoque ~ encontrandoque ~ encontrando More Spanish Lessons prefer the Spanish verb ENCONTRAR | Add Daily Spanish Lessons to Your Webwebsite Free MORE on the SPANISH VERB encontrar

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encontrar deserve to likewise mean: to find, to spot, to come throughout. encontrarse (vr): to meet/encounter/uncover someone, to bump into someone. encontrarse a sí mismo: to uncover oneself.
el encuentro (nm) : meeting, encounter (casual).salir al encuentro de alguien: to be met/greeted by someone.
el encontradizo (nm/f): opportunity meeting.hacerse el encontradizo: to pretend to have a chance meeting.
vos reareas - you, informal, singular - - in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and also in some countries of Central America. Sometimes it likewise relocations the formal singular "Usted".In irconsistent AR verbs, the conjugations reprimary the very same as for except for the addition of accents in the complying with tenses:Presente: vos encontrásImperativo: ¡encontrá!


The Spanish verb for find encontrar is an Ircontinual AR verb.Learn to conjugate encontrar and it will reinpressure this irregular pattern. The same uses to the various fads. Each month we function a day-to-day verb from one of the significant pattern groups.Repeating these tables aloud 10 times throughout the day will much better embed the patterns right into your subconscious, and your long term memory.Reciting aloud is an excellent method for you to practice your pronunciation, and also helps you to memorize the conjugations.

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