What Does Enable And Disable Mean

I must describe the attribute of a button that defines whether it is enabled or disabled. "Enablement state" sounds awkward and also clunky.

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If you put your question into sentence format, then it'll be less complicated to answer, e.g., "# 5 is the Enable/Disable button" or "Button 5 enables/disables the XYZ function".
I take it you expect a word for whether or not a switch is "grayed out", not for whether it has actually turned something "on" or "off". If "state" or "mode" are also basic or in use, then I imply availability, which can have values "enabled" and "disabled".


It"s not whether the switch is permitted vs disabled, just that it is disabled or not. Hence the parameter that controls this actions, in various software and also html/css, is simply "disabled", which has a value true or false. It"s likewise even more handy in programming logic to treat a bi-state parameter in this means. Instead of all such parameters having actually all sorts of worths you need to keep track of and also compare as strings in conditionals. When you name and use a parameter as representing the fact or falsehood of just one of the says, then you can always test more quickly for true or false. Less typos and many programming languages provide shortreduced conditionals, e.g. If(button.disabled) instead of if(button.state==disabled).

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I think "Enablement state" is as close as you have the right to get.

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Cody is looking for a noun to explain the variable that will contain either "enabled" or "disabled", not an adjective that explains its existing state. ie. If presence indicates "the state of being present", then _____ means "the state of being enabled"

As others have suggested, the variable would certainly be called "isEnabled" in code, yet this is the rcfereform.org Language & Usage Stack Exchange and isEnabled isn"t rcfereform.org. I don"t think isEnabled has actually a direct equivalent in rcfereform.org, and "gadget is enabled" isn"t a noun.

I"m composing a list in plain-rcfereform.org of various settings that have the right to be collection for a machine. The term that our team decided appears to be "state of operation", but that is ambiguous because without context, it"s not clear if the contents of that variable tells us if it"s presently operating or whether it"s intended to be operating. It is additionally vague as to what component of the tool is allowed.

With "enablement state", it"s clearer that it"s describing the variable rather than the contents, and as a bonus it"s possible to be more particular regarding what is being allowed, such as "water enablement state" or "lantern enablement state". That said awkward and also clunky are definitely the first two words that pertained to mind for this phrase.