1  adj If a task or action is easy, you have the right to perform it without difficulty or initiative, bereason it is not complex and reasons no problems. oft it v-link ADJ to-inf, ADJ to-inf (=simple)  (Antonym: difficult) The shower is basic to install..., This is not a straightforward task...  ♦ easily  adv usu ADV via v (=simply) Dress your boy in layers of clothing you have the right to remove quickly.  

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2  adj 
If you define an activity or activity as basic, you suppose that it is done in a confident, tranquil method. If someone is easyabout somepoint, they feel peaceful and also confident about it. oft ADJ about n He was a simple perkid to talk to., ...once you are both feeling a tiny less complicated about the break up of your connection.  ♦ easily  adv ADV via v They talked amiably and easily around a range of topics.  
3  adj 
If you say that someone has actually a simple life, you mean that they live comfortably without any type of troubles or concerns. usu ADJ n  (Antonym: hard) She has actually not had a simple life.  
4  adj 
If you say that somepoint is simple or also simple, you are criticizing someone bereason they have done the a lot of noticeable or leastern hard point, and have actually not taken into consideration the situation very closely sufficient. v-attach ADJ, oft it v-connect ADJ to-inf, ADJ to-inf  (disapproval) That"s easy for you to say..., It was all as well basic to believe it.  
5  adj 
If you define someone or something as simple prey or as a straightforward targain, you mean that they deserve to quickly be assaulted or criticized. ADJ n Tourists have actually end up being simple prey..., The World Bank, with its poor ecological document, is a straightforward tarobtain for blame.  
6 If you tell someone to go simple on something, you are informing them to use just a small amount of it. INFORMAL ♦go basic on sthg 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n Go basic on the alcohol.  

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7 If you tell someone to go basic on, or be easy on, a details perboy, you are informing them not to punish or treat that perchild exceptionally sevecount. INFORMAL ♦go/be straightforward on sb 
 phrase V and ADJ inflect, PHR n `Go basic on him," Sam recurring, opening the door...  
8 If someone tells you to take it easy or take things simple, they mean that you should relax and not do incredibly a lot at all. INFORMAL ♦take it easy 
 phrase V and ADJ inflect It is best to take points basic for a week or two.  
easy-going  If you explain someone as easy-going, you suppose that they are not conveniently annoyed, worried, or upset, and also you think this is a great quality.  adj  (approval) He was easy-going and good-natured...  
straightforward listening 
 Easy listening is gentle, relaxing music. Some civilization do not prefer this sort of music bereason they carry out not think that it is extremely exciting or exciting.  n-uncount ...a simple listening variation of the Oasis hit Wonderwall.  
cost-free and easy 
 , free-and-easy Someone or something that is complimentary and easy is casual and also informal.  adj (=easy-going, laid-back) ...the totally free and straightforward setting of these cafés.  

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