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どう - Example Sentences 例文

Each example sentence includes a Japanese furigana reading, the romaji analysis, and the English translation.

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Nihongo So-matome: JLPT N5

This book covers everything you need to pass the JLPT N5 in simply 6 weeks! (Kanji, Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension) See price on Amazon


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GENKI I: An Incorporated Course in Elementary Japanese

This is the ideal all around book for beginners discovering Japanese in English. I offered this in my first year researching Japanese. I uncovered it to be far better and also simpler to use than the many other books I was making use of. See price on Amazon


Jlpt N5 Japanese Lauguage Proficiency Test Official Practice Test

This is the official exercise test of the JLPT N5. I very recommend doing at least 1 exercise test before taking the genuine test. See price on Amazon

Jlpt N5 Japanese Lauguage Proficiency Test Official Practice Test (NEW 2018)

This is the brand-new version of the main JLPT N5 practice test. If you've currently taken the old practice test, this is a great alternative to exercise through some different concerns. See price on Amazon


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