Definitions include: a mythical creature that is exceptionally happy or fortunate.

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Definitions include: anyone.Definitions include: acronym for "big black dick".Definitions include: develop of referral for an impressive male.Definitions include: a penis.Definitions include: usemuch less.Definitions include: somepoint that smells extremely bad.Definitions include: a perchild who suffers from impotence as a result of alcohol usage.Definitions include: a stupid idiot, and also a tiny little of a wimp.Definitions include: scared or cowardlyDefinitions include: penis.Definitions include: a expect person; "jerk"; "asshole".Definitions include: to be joking.Definitions include: anypoint.Definitions include: derogatory term, normally intfinished for a male idiot.

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Other terms relating to "ride":

Definitions include: taking a passive role.Definitions include: an ordeal.Definitions include: a ride of excitement or great fun.Definitions include: a team member who piggybacks on the others, gets ameans clean without doing any work-related.Definitions include: shortened form of "full-ride scholarship".Definitions include: to dance alongside and/or on a motor car while the motor auto is still driving forward.Definitions include: Stolen carDefinitions include: to have an excellent deal of personal interest in the outcome of a perchild or occasion.Definitions include: a reckmuch less ride taken in a (generally stolen) vehicle.Definitions include: a perchild that drives a car that has been lowered.Definitions include: M.A.T. (Moose Area Transit) Rider: A huge, overweight, or obese person riding on a scooter, moped, or otherwise motorized 2 wheeled vehicle.Definitions include: to customize an vehicle.Definitions include: an vehicle.Definitions include: Someone that will certainly do anypoint for you.Definitions include: sitting in the middle of the ago seat instead of sitting by the home windows or the front seat when the car is complete.(present 27 morehide)