What does dangerously in love mean

Succinctly put, “Dangerously in Love” is a love song thatYNW Melly is creating to a dear lady friend while he is concurrentlyincarcerated.The track centers on one major design template and also an additional sublayout.Thatis to say that Melly’s main lyrical focus ishis loving feelings for his girlfriend. And secondly, theyare based on exactly how he will certainly treat her accordingly as soon as he is released.

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Indeed we deserve to check out from the first verse that this is someone YNW really cares around. For he expresses his willingness to buy her “new designer things” which logically will certainly collection him ago rather a couple of racks. However before, despite this lavishness, he assures her that things will “stay the same” between the 2 of them, insinuating that these expensive presents will certainly not change who they are as individuals nor how they feel about each other.

In the second verse, it becomes even more obvious that probably this lady is not someone Melly has actually an establiburned partnership with however rather a female he is currently trying to impress so that as soon as he does gain out they can hook up. The lyrics can be review either method. But whether or not they have actually somepoint ongoing is somewhat of a moot point, because YNW is even more concentrated on the future than he is on the existing. That is to say that despite how “infatuated” he is through this girl, in his current state he can’t touch her anyway. And of course he understands this. So all of his promises, as in initiatives to impush her, are actually future-based till the 3rd verse, which he relays from the perspective of being complimentary.

Song’s Title

On the other hand the title of the song provides an appearance in itschorus. And it reads as if it is just an as a whole statement of theartist’s affection for this specific lady, not anything ‘dangerous’ perse.But if we were to look at it as YNW Melly alluding to some type ofactual threat connected through this romance, probably it is in relation to himbeing alequipped by exactly how he is ‘moving also fast’ in terms of his feelings for thisfemale.


So conclusively we have the right to say that this is a love song, YNW Melly style. He comes off as affectionate and also caring yet at the exact same time the poor boy which we all understand him as. For instance, when he tasks himself into the future of actually being complimentary and through homegirl, he admits that he will certainly still be sleeping via other womales. But despite this and the fact that the addrescheck out of this song will be cognizant of such actions, his intent is to “forever” remain “faithful to” her.

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Release Date of “Dangerously in Love”

This track initially came out,using a leak, on 9 April2019. It was laterofficially releasedon26 July 2019.

Recording Date

YNW has actually been incarceratedsince13 February 2019on 2 counts of murder.So the exactday upon which he videotaped this song’s lyricsisunknown. However, given that he hadbeen incarceratedbefore, he might havewritten it based on that suffer.

Creation of “Dangerously in Love”

YNW Melly is the sole writer of “Dangerously in Love”, whichthe track being developed by his regular collaborator, Yung Shad actually.

In 2003 Beyoncé likewise dropped a track entitled “Dangerously inLove”. That song issassist to be interpolatedintothis YNW song.