What Does Cure Of Ars Mean

This is part 1 of a two-component series of posts about the life of St. Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney. The second part will certainly be released in January, 2021.

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The French word curé indicates a priest who is responsible for a parish, and it comes from the Latin root cura meaning “care, clinical attendance, cure.”


St. Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney

St. Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney took his duty as a medical worker of the souls of Ars (a 200–300 perchild village) seriously, as is obvious by his many type of excellent works, continuous prayer, and penance for any kind of regarded mistakes he made when helping the people of Ars.

The Curé of Ars, as he was recognized in the 19th century, cured over 80,000 souls in his humble and also easy method. And, in spite of all this, he lamented over the miracles that were showered upon him from God, because he observed them as a rebuke of his lack of belief in God.

In this article we will take a look at this humble saint’s life through the aim of giving us an example on which to version our very own life. Tright here will be resource indevelopment later on in this write-up.

From Humble Beginnings

Jean-Baptiste-Marie-Vianney was born in 1786, and also his younger years were filled via uncertainty, and also rdevelopment. Until 1799, when Napoleon Bonaparte assumed power, faithful Catholic churches were closed. Before that, start in 1790, the just ‘Catholic’ parishes which were permitted to publicly run were ones that had sworn a public oath which bound them to the recently establiburned National French Church. Most truly Catholic clergy went into hiding, praying underground masses in private chateaus and also residences. The Vianney family’s residence was home for multiple undercover clergymans. In fact, Jean received the sacrament of penance for the first time in his residence, at the age of eleven!

One of the few compromised clergymans who took the public oath from Jean’s (or John, as he is well-known in America) parish: Father James Rey. The straightforward peasants of Dardilly, wbelow Jean attfinished mass, attfinished Father James Rey’s masses without expertise of the gravity of the disastrous event that had taken place till the Vianneys were warned versus attending by some family members. Soon after, the church was shunned, and also, eventually, the church closed dvery own.

Jean was elevated on a little farm, and when he was salso he was provided the conventional job of shepherding his father’s small assortment of cows and also sheep in their pasture.

Jean likewise received the Eucharist for the first time at the age of 13, and it was also done in trick. This event was among the happiest moments of his life. Jean had good faith in the Lord also from a young age, which was apparent to others by his humility and also fervent prayer.

School and Vocation

Jean wiburned via all his heart to be a priest. He didn’t wish to be a well known priest, or even an exceptionally high-ranking priest but a straightforward parish priest. Still, many type of things acquired in the method of this dream: Napoleon Bonaparte’s thirst for power, (which hasn’t become an obstacle yet, but will quickly be) Jean’s excellent struggle with finding out to check out, let alone reading and also speaking Latin, and his excellent are afraid of performing the office of a priest with inenough vigour or offering a bad example. Another concern was that Jean didn’t know what his father, Matthew Vianney, would think of it. Jean was a beneficial enhancement to his father’s farm, and it would be a sore loss indeed to lose him.

Jean’s fears around his father were realized once the idea of his priesthood was said. But ultimately, after a lot pleading by his mother, and as soon as he learned that Jean could be taught by Father Balley, a priest of great faith, Matthew Vianney, if reluctantly, permitted it. At first, Father Balley resisted the principle of teaching Jean bereason of his organization, yet, after questioning Jean Vianney, he might view that Jean was incredibly holy, and conveniently agreed to take him in as a student.

Therefore began Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney’s life as student.

A Deserter

When Father Balley interviewed Jean, he had actually uncovered him to be extremely talented, thoughtful, and also smart. But, tright here was one major trouble: Jean’s memory, or lack thereof. Jean struggbrought about memorize even the most basic points, which led him to battle in multiple school topics, however especially Latin!

Another discouraging aspect to Jean about his schooling was that he was older than the other pupils, which, merged via his struggle memorizing Latin, led to insults made by the other students. This significantly discouraged Jean, so he exdeclared his desire to go home to his paleas and also farm. Father Balley experienced Vianney’s potential, even if Jean couldn’t check out it, so Father Balley did his ideal to convince Jean to remain.

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The good Father encouraged Jean to remain, by using terms which appearesulted in him.

Father Balley was incredibly penitential and would certainly carry out his finest to mortify himself in eextremely method feasible. Vianney adhered to his mentor’s example as finest he can, and also was overjoyed at the thought of pleasing God via penance, fasting, and also prayer.

Jean settled into a regime of college, doing his best to learn however preserved experiencing “bit progress” (25, The Remarkable Curé of Ars by Michel De Saint Pierre) and many type of setbacks.

Jean Marie Vianney became Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney once he was confirmed in 1807, because his confirmation saint was St John the Baptist. Earlier that year Napoleon had actually issued an order that able-bopassed away guys of the correct age were to be conscripted into the military, however, luckily, Jean avoided the draft by virtue of his examining to become a priest.

Two years passed. And then, a gendarme verified up at the Vianney family’s home, and also described to them that Jean had to be conscripted, regardmuch less of his research studies. It truly was horrifying news for the Vianney’s, and also specifically for Jean-Baptiste-Marie himself!

Jean had actually weakened himself greatly because his regular fasting and lack of sleep, so, shortly after he joined the army, he ended up in bed, exceptionally sick. Jean was ordered to regroup via the army in Spain, however he couldn’t because of his illness. But, after he recovered, he started the lengthy, lonely journey to join his comrades in war.

On his means, a peasant male joined his side while walking, and also said

Our great and also humble saint complied with this stranger. This stranger finally asked him if he would like to desert from the army. Jean, taken by surpincrease, was at first cynical bereason he kbrand-new of the punishments that might be inflicted upon a deserter’s household, yet was reassured by the stranger, and ultimately acquiesced.

Let us not watch this activity as sinful, or un-patriotic, for multiple reasons among which being that it was an error on the part of the federal government to also send him, a man researching to be a priest, to the army anyway! Another reason was that after getting here in the village of Les Noës he saw the mayor, that reassured him that deserting was simply fine, as far as he was involved. In truth, the mayor was currently real estate deserters in his very own house!

Jean Vianney uncovered a house in Les Robins, a tiny area which couldn’t really be dubbed a town, which was a brief walk away from Les Noës. He was invited Claudine Fayot, a family member of the very same mayor we met last paragraph.

The Vianney family was having a negative time earlier in Dardilly, and also they were being endangered by the policemans who looked for deserters.

But, finally, Jean’s long period in hiding finished as soon as Napoleon issued a basic amnesty to those who had deserted. Unfortunately, there was a caveat: Jean required to find a replacement or he would certainly still be seen as a deserter! Francis the Younger, a younger brvarious other of Jean’s, volunteered to take his place and Jean returned to his home.

A Devastating Loss

Marie Vianney passed away on February 8th, 1811, a brief time after Jean’s rerotate. Jean loved his mom deeply, and also felt the loss acutely. After this, he came to be more grave and significant, and even more attached to God, having actually shed one of his biggest ties to earth.