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I remember as soon as they were presented (yea, I"m obtaining to be "geezer" :shock: )I have actually owned several.I prefer my 1984 manufacture, "mint" condition Citori Grade I Trap.I might buy a couple of more.HOWEVER, I have no principle wbelow they obtained the name Citori or if it has actually any meaning, does anyone else :?:I am no linguist however the just point I can think of is that it is close to "lemon" in some languages and also it appears odd to name a shotgun after citrus fruit :?


According to reports I"ve heard, Browning claims that the name "Citori" doesn"t expect anypoint. It"s just a name that someone in their declaring agency came up with that they thought sounded good and also would work-related well as a name for the new O/U. In other words, they simply made the name up by putting together some random syllables and also sounds till they uncovered a mix they favored.
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When I read this it appeared to stir some incredibly distant, vague memory (the majority of my memories are like that :shock: ).I think I may have review that some wbelow else, a lengthy time earlier yet cannot confirm it.

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Tright here was an short article on Citori"s a while back in the Rifleguy. According to post the name as discussed over does not expect anypoint. The article declared that the marketing guys at Browning was looking for a Japanese sounding name for the gun bereason it is manufactured in Japan. "Citori" is what they came up via. I have to admit I have actually always hated the name. I own a Citori, love the gun, however have constantly thought it a silly name for a shotgun.

Rich3006Thanks for confirming that through the mention of the short article in the Riflemale.It has taken a while however I have gained used to the name

We have actually a few fun family stories around the Browning Citori and also determined to name a daughter Citori. Shooting human being recognize it"s a gun, for everyone else, I tell them it"s the Japanese word for enlightenment (Satori) we just spelled it in a different way.
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Here"s a link, scroll about half method dvery own the web page.https://www.browning.com/news/articles/citori-background.html
We have a few fun family stories approximately the Browning Citori and made a decision to name a daughter Citori. Shooting human being understand it"s a gun, for everyone else, I tell them it"s the Japanese word for enlightenment (Satori) we simply spelled it in a different way.
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