What does buddy mean in jamaican

Do all your Jamaihave the right to friends laugh at you eincredibly time you open your mouth and try to sheight Jamaican? Jamaicanize your vocabulary here through our words that begin through B. If you don’t check out a term, tell us and also we’ll put it up.

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baas: boss, sometimes offered prefer the North Amerihave the right to slang “bro” or “Chief”

babylon: police, any type of establishment

backative: backing, support, buy in

bak chat: back talk

backside or baxside: bottom or buttocks, offered as a curse term

backsiding or baxsiding: beat up, beating, whipping

backways: backwards

badda: bother, very bad person

badmine: jealous or having grudge

bafan: clumsy, awkward

bait: someone who trash talks and never before delivers

bakra: overseer, remarkable, from the slaextremely term “back raw” from being whipped by the slavemaster

baldhead: anybody without dreadlocks, accepting the establishment

bandooloo: dishocolony or dishonesty

bangarang: disturbance, noise

bankra: a large basket

bashment: a party

bat: a moth

bata: any kind of cheap shoes, the name is derived from the renowned but inexpensive brand also of shoes called Bata.

batta: batter or battered, many generally offered to describe battered fruit.

battabout: loose woman or somepoint that has actually been around the block

bawn: born

bawn ago a cow: a term supplied to define being stupid.

bawn-ya: born right here. Used to explain been born in Jamaica

bayfoot: barefoot

batty: bottom or buttocks

battybwoy: a homosexual male

bax juice: box drinks, small box drinks that is well-known in Jamaica

beenie: small

beg: Please for, to ask

betta: better

bigga: bigger, Also a well-known pet name

big up: a phrase which is provided as success or praise to someone

bissy: cola nut that is occasionally dried and also provided as medication.

bizniz: business

bling bling: diamonds, jewelry

blackheart man: provided to define some one that is a hooligan or a rascal

bly: to offer a chance, offering some a break

boasie: boasty

bokkle: bottle

bonafide: an orginal, something that is sincere

boonoonoonoos: pleasant, nice

boops: a sugardaddy

boopsie: a woman that is being well maintained by a sugardaddy

booguyaga: not worth anypoint. low class

Booyaka: A term used to emulate the sound of a gun shot salute. It is provided in a celebratory tone.

bout: about

brawta: a gift, bonus, above intended. It is the Jamaican tantamount of “a baker’s dozen”

breda: brother

Bredrin: Friend, Brethren, Brother

bringle: being angry, upset

brinks: sugardaddy, having plenty money

browning: light skinned woguy of Afrideserve to descent.

bruck out: wild, out of manage.

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bruck up: break up, battered, broken

bubu: nose naat (snot), an unintelligent person

bull bucka: butts heads through a bull, referring to someone that is a bully

bullah: a round Jamaideserve to gingerbread

bun: burn, a Jamaihave the right to cake consumed mainly at Easter time, doing somepoint with some expectations however getting nopoint in return

bus: revealing a secret

Boottu: a loutish, vulgar person

bwoy: boyBumbo / Bumbo Clot – Swearword derived from a woman’s sanitary napkin.bunks: a nap or sleep at someone home. Catch a likkle one bunks

negative poor bad: very poor instance. extreme issue

bad mine: transferring a grudge

poor mout: negative mouth, to speak poor about someone, gossiping

bad wud: negative word

badda: bother

badda badda: bvarious other bvarious other, to constantly bother someone where it becomes annoying.

badderation: a big problem

baddest: worst

bade: bath

badi: body

baggy: panty, child’s underpants

sphere an chain: strict control

bammy: a cake made of cassava eaten generally via fish

bandooloo (bandulu): a swindle or racket

bangarang: comactivity or noise

bans: plenty

batta: soften

battam: bottom

batty rider: mini shorts pants

bawl: to cry, a ball

bawl out: crying out

bwan: born

bax: to be slapped in the face, a box

bax juice: a boxed drink

baybee: baby

bear: only

beeny: small or tiny

behine: behind

ben dung: bending down

Ben Johnson day: the day before pay day

bench an batty: a term use to define 2 human being that are rarely watched without each various other, inseparable. This term is obtained from the connection ones bottom (batty) hregarding their chair (bench).

Bendun maaket: a roadside market

betta: better

bex: vex

massive tings a gwan: substantial points are happening

massive up: hello or my regards

biggis: biggest

bickle: Food. Many frequently use as “likkle bickle”

babsence out: power outage

blouse an skirt: an exclamation equivalent to “Wow”

blow wow: an exclamation similar to “Wow”

blue drause: sweet potato wrapped in banana leaf an boiled- check out recipe

boad: board

boas: boast

boasify: boastfully

BOAL: rcfereform.org brief hand for Bust Out A Laff

bobbo dread: broom marketing dreadlocks

bogle: The dance bogle was named after and by its inventer the late well-known Jamaican dancehall icon Gerald (AKA ‘Bogle’ or ‘Mr. Wacky’)Levy.

bout: about

bokkle: bottle

booguyaga/buguyaga: low rate, worthless, low class

boonoonunus: plentiful, beautiful

Boops: this is the term supplied to define a man who financially supports a womale yet gets nopoint in return

boopsie: a well kept young woman

boots: a condom

Boun fi: certain point to take place, must happen

box cover: an exclamation comparable to “ooh goosh”

braata: extra

breda anancy: The name of the primary character of the Jamaideserve to folklore stories of the man-spider named Anancy/Anansi. The stories deserve to be traced ago to Africa. See stories now!!!

Breadfruit: a fruit that is boiled or roasted

breda: brother, friend

bredrim: brethren, friend

breed: being pregnant

brinks: a boops or sugar daddy

brook lac: Brooklax the laxative, the name offered for any type of cocoa laxative

brought upsi: being lugged up good mannerism

brownin: brvery own skin girl

bruck out: poor or unruly behavior

bruk: damaged. Having no money

Bruk up: Break up

brukins: an occasion where food is offered.

bubu: dunce or nose naat.

Buckup: lucky

bud: bird

buddy: penis

buff out: buldging

bugga: cheap sneakers.

buk shot: an exclamation

bulla: a jamaican cake made with sugar and ginger.

bully beef: corned beef

bumpa: vehicle bumper or significant buttocks

bumptious: a ruffian

bush: the country

bush docta: a herbalist

bush tea: tea made from herb

buss-out: burst out

Busta: a little molasses candy which is named after Jamaihave the right to National hero Six Alexander Bustamante Jamaica’s first Prime Minister