What does bello mean in english

Looking up in dictionaries I found that bello and also bella are regarded beauty. Still the noun is

bello: individuo di particolare fascino.

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But I"ve heard it in a context that I would just interpret favor guy or girl or man. I"ve heard world that tell unknowns "grazie bella" or "grazie bello".

Is that normal without even recognize each other? Has tbelow the connotation of beautiful been lost?

Both as an adjective and also a noun, bello means of course “beautiful (person)”. But, as you have actually noticed, it is being used (increasingly?) as a generic appellative, in possibly not a dissimilar way from English develops such as British “luv”, which is not supplied simply to expect that one “loves” the perkid being addressed.

Tright here is likewise a different usage of bella! (only in the feminine form) as a «Saluto amichevole, usato diffusamente anche per esprimere consenso o intesa o come semplice intercalare» («Friendly greeting, likewise commonly supplied to express agreement or shared expertise, or just as a stock phrase»), as characterized in Ambrogio & Casalegno, Scrostati gaggio!, a wonderful dictionary of slang and youth languages.


In the film "High Society" Bing Crosby says to the incredibly young sister of his former wife (Grace Kelly) "Hello Beautiful". That"s one means we usage "bello" and also "bella" in Italy. In this situation it shows more affection than actual appreciation of beauty. There are others, of course. Sometime they are just compliments (not necessarily true ...). Sometimes they are supplied for teasing.


"Che belle persone" could easily interpret right into "what great people" not physically, however by nature: "belli" like "goodhearted". Farming up with rcfereform.org as my first language, "bello/bella" was supplied a lot, even more as a term of endearment. It was also used lovingly or in respect/appreciation.

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Ciao Bella deserve to be provided once talking via friends. Womales use it talking to their female friends. I watch it as a term of endearment.

Besides as an adjective and noun, Bella is a likewise female name, adhering to are even more details around it.

It is the brief develop of names ending in -bella, such as Isabella and Annabella.

Bella is additionally a popular name pertained to the rcfereform.org and also Latin words for beautiful, and the French word “Belle” – which also suggests beautiful! So, it is a beautiful name by definition :)

Although the name came from Italy initially, it has actually currently been embraced anywhere the world including the USA, Australia & The U.K. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E7L8Ahxus4(I made the video)

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