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Today’s Standard for Mathematical Practice, Attend to Precision, is just one of the ones I work with the a lot of in my classroom. Students can engage in some excellent discussions about precision. Also, as soon as you have a discussion-based classroom format, you will certainly alert whether students are exact in their use of vocabulary and thinking. The downfill for this write-up is a teacher guideline sheet, part of the series of tip sheets for the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

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Using Math Standard 6 in the Classroom


When I first started learning about the Standards for Mathematical Practice, I assumed that the sixth exercise, Attfinish to Precision, was going to be shenable. I thought that sudepend there have to be even more vital things than calculational precision to focus on via students. Then, I actually check out the conventional itself and witnessed exactly how much it really helps us be concentrated on students’ exact usage of language related to math in the classroom—and also even much more beyond that!

Math Practice Standard 1, Make Sense of Problems and Permajor in Solving Them, is regularly paired through Standard 6, Attend to Precision. These two math exercise criteria are considered overarching criteria that affix through eexceptionally various other math practice standard. Because of this, you have the right to emphasis on attending to precision eincredibly day once functioning through your students in course, no issue what else you are functioning on.

Here are 5 methods you can assist students address precision:

#1 Use a Word Wall

Pick 3 to four vocabulary terms that are main to the day’s math objectives. Ask students to focus on using these words as they discuss the topic of the day. For instance, one topic that can be provided throughout the grade levels is the distinction in between equations and also expressions. If your lesson has expressions and also equations, post these two words on the word wall. Ask students to usage these terms exactly as soon as talking among themselves and also via the course. I occasionally store a jar and also some marbles to motivate students to usage the terms. When a student precisely provides a term, I put a marble in the jar and also then administer a class reward once the jar is full.

#2 Focus on the Use of Units

Students that deal with precision repeatedly use devices in their discussions around mathematical difficulties. Look at my previous short article about Math Practice 2 for a much more considerable discussion around using systems in order to aid students reason about measurement problems utilizing units. Specifically, view Part 3 of that post.

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#3 Label Axes

Even at the earliest qualities, students are collecting and displaying information. Students address precision once they label the axes of their line plot, number line, pictogram, or any kind of other data display screen. Other facets of data display screens that are necessary are titles and legends. Explicitly teaching the usage of these items and also having students use these labels as they describe information display screens they have actually created is a good way to boost their reasoning and precision.

#4 Calculations and also Estimation

It would be easy to think that calculating precisely and also successfully is the degree of Standard 6, as I did as soon as I first encountered the Standards for Mathematical Practice. However before, one more means to address precision pertained to numbers is by rounding and estimating. Students should flourish in this area as they development with elementary and middle college. For instance, if I am going on a vacation, need to I plan on lug $501.23? Clat an early stage it easier to arrangement to lug $500, however what are other cases wright here it would certainly be required to be exact about needing $501.23?

#5 Reasoning and Claims

Creating a classroom environment wright here students discuss the math they are discovering and communicate in actual life difficulties helps carry math to life for students. Students at the earliest levels have to be explaining their thinking to each other. Helping students by asking them to repeat what one more student has actually said and also then agreeing or disagreeing with what that student has actually sassist helps students resolve precision in their aural and dental abilities. By the later elementary grades and also certainly in middle college, students must have the ability to make and express claims about their very own and also various other students’ reasoning, making use of proof, vocabulary, and meanings they have learned.



I hope that this post has actually aided you understand also just how wide and applicable Standard 6: Attend to Precision is! Please save or print out the downfill, a teacher reminder sheet, to assist remind you of the essential points of the typical that you can implement in your classroom. If you uncovered this guideline sheet advantageous, you can also downfill other guideline sheets for Standards 1 to 5. Stay tuned for Standards 7 and 8 in the following few months.